How to Draw Jasons Mask

Artist: Dawn / June 17, 2009

Step 1.

Start with the inner guidelines to draw Jason's mask. Once the guidelines are drawn out you will then draw out the actual shape of the mask as you see here. Next, draw the studs in the three places on the edge of the mask which holds the band in plac   

Step 2.

In this step you will draw out the shapes of the eye holes and then draw out eight small holes on the forehead of the mask, eight holes on the left side of the mask, one small hole that looks like a nose, and then another eight holes on the right sid   

Step 3.

Here is where you will draw out the shapes of those famous red markings that are on Jason's mask. one stripe on each cheek and then one triangle on the forehead directly in the middle of the eyes. Detail the ribbit on the top strap as well.

Step 4.

Since this is your last drawing step all you need to do is sketch in some shading that will make your Jason mask look beat up and tattered. But before you do that you have to erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. Oh yeah, col   

Step 5.

Here is what your completed mask of a serial killer should end up looking like when you are done. Color in the three marking red and you have just finished learning how to draw Jason's mask step by step"

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 17, 2009
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Tags: draw horror, halloween drawings, friday the 13th, scary drawings halloween characters, horror movie characters
Description: Hello folks, how is everyone feeling today? I hope you are feeling and doing fine on this beautiful Thursday morning. I wanted to submit a lesson on a very popular mask from one of the most famous and popular movies to date, Friday the 13th. Jason was a character that made all future creations of masked murders based a little on himself. In fact there was three characters from the eighties that will always hold a name in the hall of horror film movie legends; Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers. Jason’s character was created by a gifted crew that was very resourceful and creative. This tutorial is going to show you “how to draw Jason’s mask” step by step. The sketch took a little while to draw out because I wanted it to be detailed and defined to look as real as possible. I have a tutorial already on how to draw Jason from Friday the 13th, and in that lesson I fail to mention where Jason’s mask came from. It all started with the making of Friday the 13th Part 3. In part two Jason wore a white cloth like bag over his head and it wasn’t until the production of part three that Jason’s signature mask would stay with him for all time. It was during a make-up check with the production of part 3 where they where supposed to put make-up on Voorhees but nobody wanted to so they threw a mask on him instead. The trademark mask that was thrown on Jason Voorhees was a 1950's Detroit Red Wings goalie mask that belonged to Martin Jay Sadoff who was the film's 3D effects supervisor and an avid hockey fan. Because the mask was too small for the actors face, they made a mold to make it bigger and more detailed with slightly different red painted markings on the mask you see today. I love the creation and I think it was the smartest idea ever made for a serial killer. Now for those of you that like Jason, you will have the opportunity to learn “how to draw Jason mask” step by step right now. Have fun with this tutorial, I will be back later on today with more drawing fun. Peace out!