How to Draw Jane Jetson from The Jetsons

Artist: Dawn / March 27, 2009

Step 1.

Okay start with a circle for her pretty head and then add the facial guidelines. Next just draw a loing line for her body's line of position and then add a few dashes for her collar and waist.

Step 2.

You will now start drawing out the two wavy pieces of hair for her hair style and then draw out the shape of her face on the lower left side. Next add a lip line and then the petite shape of her arm. Draw a disk like shape for her skirt and then move   

Step 3.

Add two tiny circles for her eyes and then the triangle shape for her collar of her futuristic dress. Add the beginning shape of her torso and then add another layer for her skirt as seen here. Draw out her curvy legs and feet and then move to the ne   

Step 4.

Well you have reached the end of your journey on this tutorial. All you have to do now is draw out the rest of her hair style and then give her eyes some eyelashes as well as eyeballs. Add eyebrows and thicken her lips and then draw out the rest of h   

Step 5.

Your female Jetsons character should look like the one you see here once you have cleaned up your drawing. Add some purple for her dress and red for her hair and you have just completed this lesson on how to draw Jane Jetson from The Jetsons step by    

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 27, 2009
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Description: You liked the first lesson I submitted right? Well since I submitted a tutorial on George Jetson, I thought it would only be fair to submit one on his better half. So, for my second lesson of the day I want to show you how to draw Jane Jetson from The Jetsons step by step. There is one thing I forgot to mention on the first lesson on The Jetsons; I know that some of you kiddies might be wondering where to watch this awesome show. The Jetsons is aired on Boomerang but is owned by Hanna Barbera and Kids WB. Jane Jetson doesn’t really have a job; instead she is a house wife and stay at home mom. One of her special abilities is dialing. What I mean by that is she can dial a great meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Yes sometimes it is Rosie’s job to handle all that stuff, but even a robot maid/servant needs a day off. Jane lives in a unit at the Sky Pad Apartments in Orbit City. Her main purpose in life is to make sure that her husband George is happy and well taken care of. Of course she loves her kids too especially Elroy. Jane also loves shopping with her daughter Judy and watching TV as well. Jane Jetson is what they call an animated cartoon version of Mrs. Brady minus four kids. I like the sleek look she has and the way she wears her sixties du even though the cartoon is supposed to take place in the year 2062. I had a lot of fun drawing out these two Jetson characters because it took me back to when I was a kid growing up with my mom’s crazy VHS cartoons. Anyways, you too will learn how to draw Jane Jetson from The Jetsons step by step. I have more tutorials for you all on the way.