How to Draw Ilana

Artist: Dawn / September 5, 2010

Step 1.

Lets start by drawing out a nice workable frame for Princess Ilana. First draw a circle for her head, and then add the guidelines for her body, and face.

Step 2.

Now begin sketching out the shape of her small face, and then draw the big eyes, lashes, and nose. When that is all done you can draw her long neck, and some of her shoulders.

Step 3.

Finish her head by sketching out her short hairstyle, and then add some freckles, and her mouth. Behind her sideburns, you will draw her ear, and then add the lines for her necklace. Finish her upper body by drawing her torso, sleeves, and the lower    

Step 4.

I drew her hands hiding behind er back so when you draw Ilana's arms, just position them in the back. Add a cute little tied belt, and then begin sketching out her legs, and knee high boots.

Step 5.

To finish off this awesome looking character, you must first erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one because you will have to draw the diamond pattern that covers her entire dress. Once her dress' design is all done, you can finish drawi   

Step 6.

This is what she looks like when you are all done. Color her in and that's it. I hope you liked drawing Princess Ilana from Sym-Bionic Titan. There is only one more character left to draw.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 5, 2010
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Description: All those other tutorials I submitted on the Sym-Bionic Titan characters wouldn’t mean a thing if I never submitted a lesson on "how to draw Ilana", step by step. She is one of the major figures of the series, and if it wasn’t for her, Lance and Octus wouldn’t be trying to fit in on planet earth today. Now like all princesses, Ilana too is going to be queen one day on her home planet of Galaluna. Even though she is doing everything she can to fit in as a normal teen aged girl, she is not what you call a desirable person to be around. It’s not that Ilana is bad or anything, its because she comes across as a know it all, and the other kids just don’t like that quality in her. If they knew that she is really compassionate, caring, and smart, I think they would enjoy her company a whole lot more. One thing I like about this character that was created by the Cartoon Network team, is her unique looking style. I haven’t seen a character that has her fashion sense in a long time. For instance, her hair is cut short to her face, but flares up at the top. She wears retro looking clothes, but carries a demeanor of a princess. When it all comes down to it, the very same people that find her annoying, are the ones that will be thanking her later as she tries to keep the evil General Modula, and his plots away from the planet she escaped to. It’s up to Lance, Octus, and Ilana to defend all, and keep everything quiet. Well, that’s it guys, have fun learning "how to draw Ilana", and be sure to color her in using her outrageous color pallet. Peace out people!