How to Draw a Super Saiyan


Like I said previously in the description, Super Saiyans gain super ripped clothing (either previously or recently from battles). It's a different term when they're training solo though. The clothing should be drawing in nice subtle wisps. Rips shou   


Also, once in Super Saiyan form, they have this extreme force surrounding them which is so powerful that debris starts floating within or a few inches around them. It's like being in a bubble of water with seaweed floating around inside. So with that   


Now, when I first started drawing these characters, I got a little confused with drawing the hair. 1, the sides of the hair is always infused with layers of spikes. Depict the direction that the hair is flowing in to make the style totally believable   


Ok folks, what I said previously about the hair line of motion is already added into this step. First, start off with drawing the guidelines and circle for the base of the head. Then, move onwards to drawing the body guidelines. It's crucially import   


Next, begin drawing the face shape for Super Saiyan Goku. See how the guidelines aid you? It's really cool once you've gotten comfortable drawing them. Work on drawing the basics of the head and move your way down to the large broad shoulders and che   


Then, work on the inner details of the face that will build that ferocious and violent expression that these super beings have. Start sketching out a bit of the hair base. Work your way down to drawing the muscles for the arms and the rest of the sto   


Next, work on drawing the hair. The guideline for this should work for you some what. Add brisk sketchy lines on different areas of the body. These are basically scuff marks that give the indication of bruises and or scars. Finish off this step by dr   


Then, work on the pants and finish off the pupils. The paints should be drawing with patience since it's easy to make mistakes at this part. Keep in tune with the guidelines in order to draw this accurately.


Next, finish off some extra detailing to the pants of the legs as well. This should be fairly easy!


Here, you have the basic line art for you Saiyan character. In case you didn't know this is Goku's super form. I really hope this tutorial has guide you into some of the basics on "how to draw Super Saiyan Goku". Thanks so much for viewing and have f   

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September 4, 2010

Description: Hello once again DragoArtists and new found visitors! I have a sweet treat for all of you fan boys and fan girls of the popular anime series “Dragon Ball Z” (one of my favorite animes of all time). As you know, this show starred on the Cartoon Network Toonami specials everyday back in the early 2000s. Most anime fanatics must have heard of this show at least once in their lifetime. Anyways, we're gonna learn “how to draw a Super Saiyan”, step by step. When you draw a Super Saiyan (in this case Goku's Saiyan form), you want to focus on the muscular enhancement that these powers accustom with. It's important because once they go ape shiz, large muscles appear and bleach blonde spiked hair as well. The only being that can upscale into these super powerful beings are of course, the Saiyan race (what Vegeta and Goku are). Fans who have watched this show know very well that Kakarot (Goku), was sent out in a space pod to destroy the planet earth in his ape form. Later on in the series, his friends dismember his tail which disables him from turning into the ape demon thing. I'm not sure what the true name of this super form is, so I'm terribly sorry. Vegeta was once able to transform into the monkey before Goku dismembered his tail as well. They sorta became best friends (kinda like Sasuke and Naruto). The same formula applied to the relationship with Piccolo. Before I end this “Super Saiyan” long description, I want to inform you on some helpful tips that will aid you into drawing the perfect Saiyan. When these beings up a level, they gain severely ripped clothing (sometimes clothing dis-guarded from their chests and arms). Just think of their clothing being like super moist tissue always ripping up from battle, haha. I continue talking about this tips in the beginning of the tutorial, so you know exactly what I'm talking about. I really hope all of you will enjoy this tutorial on “how to draw a Saiyan”. Thanks for viewing folks!

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