How to Draw Halloween Eye Makeup

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Start by drawing the very think lined lining for the upper lid and lower lid. You will also want to make the make-up tail out.


Next, draw in the actual eyeball, then draw in the long lashes. You will obviously need to attach fake lashes to complete the dramatic look. Color in the pupil and you are done here.


Here you will draw the shape of the eye's lid crease, then draw in small bats fluttering on top of the lid.


Continue to draw in the bats. Some bats are bigger then others, but they are all flowing in one swoop or direction.


Lastly, draw the eyebrow which is long, nicely shaped, and colored in. If there are mistakes you can erase them now.


Here is the finished design. Now you can add your own colors, or go ahead and color your Halloween eye using the shades I did.

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September 30, 2014

Description: So because the last Halloween eye I uploaded is liked a lot by females, I wanted to make two more lesson on some fun, beautiful make-up ideas to dress up your eyes with on Halloween. This eye design may not be as simple as the spiderweb eye, but I know it's totally doable because all you would need is either handmade stencil of small bats that you can paint on your brows, or you can try and artistically draw the bat design on your eyes. I love making these tutorials because they are wicked fun and super cool. I think you will enjoy this task on "how to draw Halloween eye make-up", step by step. Remember, if you do decide to paint your eyes in this style, please upload a picture of your eyes. Thanks a lot folks and good luck.

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