How to Draw Glameow, Glameow


Draw a circle for the head, then sketch out the shape of the bean sized body. You will then attach the two shapes with a neck guide, then add the facial guidelines as well.


Using the shape you just made, start drawing the shape of the head and face, followed by the large bat style ears. Draw the thin neck, then add some fluffy spurts for her collar.


Draw the shape on her snout, then draw in the almond shaped eyes. You will also draw the inner ear detailing as well as the detailing on the tips of her ears.


You will now add the eyelids, and then the pupils. Draw the mouth, nose and add the two whiskers on each side of the face.


The head and face is finished. You will only have to draw out the front legs followed by her chest and long hair on her legs.


Finish drawing the body by making the curved back line as well as her butt, and hind legs and paw. Add some fluff behind her tush, then give this cat like Pokemon species some toes.


Lastly, draw in her long, coiled or curled tail and be sure to add fluffy tuft at the tip of her tail. Erase the mistakes when you're done.


Here is the line art for Glameow. Now you can have a blast coloring in this kitty who is sitting pretty.

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April 6, 2013

Description: I have two cool Pokemon figures that I think you will enjoy lessons on. To start things off I will show you "how to draw Glameow", step by step. This Pokemon species is predominately female which means the odds of a trainer getting a male is very slim. Glameow is a feline looking being that has a gray colored body with a dark pink inner ear tissue color. The eye lids, are also pink, her her eyes are blue. Their long skinny tails enables them to be slick and powerful. This Pokemon also has razor sharp claws to defend herself or himself with, and they are capable of hypnotizing their enemies with their eyes. If you like drawing cats and are a fan of Glameow, you will enjoy tackling this tutorial. I do have a bunch more stuff coming your way so stay tuned in people. Adios!

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