How to Draw Girl with a Pearl Earring, Girl with a Pearl Earring

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Here you will begin with making the shape of the head, then sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the torso shape.


Sketch out the actual shape of her face, then incorporate the lining for her scarf that she wears on her head which completely hides her hair.


Now you will draw in the shapes of each eye, then draw the crease line above her eyes. Sketch out her nose, then draw in the mouth or lips.


Now we will work on getting the scarf sketched out on her head. This is basically a wrap that servant girls used to wear in the era the painting was made. Add all the detailing and crinkling, then proceed to step five.


You will finish off the lesson by drawing the rest of the scarf, then sketch out the shape of her neck, shoulder, back line and then of course, the pearl earring. Add detailing where needed, then erase all the mistakes and guides.


Here is the finished line art when all is complete. Color her in, show off the work you have done, then add the sketch to your other collection of sketches that you have created.

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July 8, 2013

Description: The face you see before you now is of a woman that was painted by a Dutch painting artist known as Johannes Vermeer. Not much is known about the painting and no one knows if Vermeer did the painting out of commission, or if he did the portrait out of imagination. As the title of the painting says, it's is a depiction of a fair skinned servant girl who wears one pearl earring. Her head is slightly tilted as she glances at the painter in a pose of simplistic beauty. Girl with a Pearl Earring is also known as the 'Mona Lisa of the North' as well as the Dutch Mona Lisa. The painting is in the Mauritshuis gallery in The Hague. It was painted in 1665 and it is an oil on canvas painting. I hope you enjoy drawing Girl with a Pearl Earring, it is one of the worlds most recognized works of art.

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