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How to draw Eevee

Artist: GlaceonLover1 / April 14, 2013
How to draw Eevee

Step 1.

Start with some of the guide lines.

Step 2.

Finish the face guidelines.

Step 3.

Draw the body guide lines like an oval for the body.

Step 4.

Draw the leg and tail guide lines.

Step 5.

Draw the eyes,tail and part of the feet start on the mouth and nose

Step 6.

draw the chest fur.

Step 7.

draw the chest fur.

Step 8.

Draw the body and some details in the ear,

Step 9.

Outline all the final line not the guidelines. Darken the lines like you see here

Step 10.

Darken in the eyes and draw the eyebrows. Darken in the ears like shown.

Step 11.

Erase all the guidelines then you finish with a masterpiece!

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CustardKing · 4 years ago
awesome X3 X3 X3
Artist: GlaceonLover1
Date Added: April 14, 2013
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Description: 11 steps on how to draw Eevee