How to Draw Fruit

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You will start by drawing out a few shapes that you see here. Two circles, and a watermelon slice shape. Next add the guidelines within the orange fruit, and then draw the beginning lines for the pineapple, and banana.


You will completely draw out the shape of the orange, and apple like you see here, and then move to the next drawing step.


For the orange and apple, add the chibi style eyes, and then draw out the shapes for the watermelon, banana, and pineapple. Add the stem for the banana, and the coarse leaves for the pineapple. Lastly, draw in the chibi eyes for the pineapple as well   


Draw the core separation line for the watermelon's skin, and then add some seeds, and eyes. Draw the grapes, and the rest of the faces for the banana, apple, and orange. Lastly, draw the stem and leaf for the apple, and the crisscross lines for the p   


Well, looks like you're done. Draw the mouth for the watermelon, and then color in some eyes. Erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one.


When your drawing is all done, you should have something that looks like the one you see here. See how fun it was to draw fruit? Great work guys!

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June 1, 2010

Description: Hi guys, welcome back to another tutorial installment here on Some of you may notice that there is some changes with the sites layout, and then again some of you may not notice the change. If you are still wondering what I'm talking about, I'll tell you. First off the color of the background is not so blue anymore, instead it's a lighter shade. The boxes and headers of the categories, news, and top 50 is also a bit different. There is also no more borders around the entire page, plus there is some other differences, but I'll get into that some other time. Let's talk about this first lesson I will be submitting on "how to draw fruit". Since summer is almost here, I wanted to do a tutorial that represented summer, and all the special delightful things that we tend to eat when the weather is hot. My family loves eating really cold oranges, apples, bananas, watermelon, grapes, and yes, pineapples. That is the six pieces of fruit you will be drawing today. To make them look ultra delicious, and rip, I made sure to color them using vibrant shades, and I also made them look like chibi pieces of food. Looking at the tutorials picture, you can already see that this is going to be a simple task to tackle. When you want to draw fruit, you have to be sure that the shapes of the food is accurate. I for one tried to do the best I could. Anyway, you should have fun drawing all this sweet food. I have to bounce outta this lesson because I have some other tutorials to write out and upload still. Have an awesome day guys, and remember to keep on smiling!

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