How to Draw Freddy Fazbear Head from FNAF


Draw a circle, it doesn't have to be too perfect.


Draw a slightly curved line going vertically just slightly off-center to the left. Then draw a slightly curved line going horizontally just slightly below the center.


Draw a half oval on the right side, so it looks like a stretched donut(don't forget to put another SMALLER oval like part in that right ear. For the left, draw a nearly finished circle-oval shape. Doesn't have to be perfect, then draw a smaller circ   


For this it doesn't matter too much on how you do it. It's a bunch of fluent zigzag lines to make the cheek and chin fluff. If having trouble just examine pic.


Draw a sloppy "C" shape for the nose. Like the "C" is stretched and uneven. This is for the muzzle, nothing too special


Add a small oval for the nose just where you made the muzzle. Then, go a little lower from the nose and to the right to either make a smirk or the other part of the muzzle. Don't make it touch anything, short and not touching anything


Let's add some eyebrows and eye sockets!! For the eye sockets, make two almost fully egg-shaped shapes, but at the bottom slightly curve them in. For the eyebrows, put both above the eyes, not touching anything as well. Curve them the way the eyes   


Pupils and eyes! For the pupils, you want them to be in the middle of the eyes. The left one will be off center and going to the right, touching the other part of the eye socket The right eye will be slightly off center to the right as well, make   


Now, for the base of the hat. It's a weird shape but imagine it to be shaped like a very slim eggplant. Don't overlap the right ear, only the left. Cut it off just as the hat base touches the beginning of the side of the right ear


For the top of the hat you want to make a slightly slanted rectangular-square shape. The two edges on top are rounded to make the top


For the bowtie, we'll the "knot" of the bowtie do a very slim "U" shape.


For me, this was difficult. The way I made the bow part of the bowtie or whatever you would like to call it look like two white sloppy half hearts on each side of the "knot". You can do the same if your want


If you really want to you can add in some more details and touch it up! Now just fully outline it!! And your done!!


Hope you enjoyed!! ;)

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August 11, 2015

Description: This is my first art tutorial on here, I will say that so please comment down below for advice ^-^

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