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How to Draw Dante, Devil May Cry 5, Dante

Artist: Dawn / July 4, 2012
How to Draw Dante, Devil May Cry 5, Dante

Step 1.

Begin with an oval shape for the head like so, then sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

You will now start sketching out the actual long structure of young Dante's face. The jawline should be square like you see here. Draw in the shape or outline of an ear, then draw the hair line as well as some of the bangs that hang on his face from    

Step 3.

Okay, using the facial guideline, draw out the shapes of the eyes, then draw in the eyebrows. The brows should be in a very expressive pose. Sketch out the nose, then add detailing inside of the ear.

Step 4.

The next thing we need to do is draw out the eyeballs, color in the pupils, and draw out Dante's mouth. Add detailing on the face on the sides of the face to form the cheeks, and around the eyes.

Step 5.

All you have to do here is draw out the rest of his head and or hair style. It sort of looks like the styles from the eighties.

Step 6.

Draw the long thick neck that Dante has. When that is done sketch out the shoulders, as well as the clothing or shirt, jacket or whatever he is wearing.

Step 7.

Sketch in the detailing on his neck, then draw the detailing for the collar bone. Erase the mistakes when you are finished so you have a cleaned image to color in.

Step 8.

Well, this is Dante. Color him in and that's it. I hope you liked this tutorial on drawing Dante from Devil May Cry 5.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 4, 2012
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Description: Well, here I am on the Fourth of July and I'm still uploading tutorials for all of you that are sitting home like me. I know a lot of folks celebrate this holiday, but my family and I just have a small cookout and watch fireworks later. My first lesson will be on how to draw Dante from the new Devil May Cry 5 video game. In this new game Dante is in a much younger form as well as having black short hair similar to Till Lindemann from Rammestein. I had fun working on this cartoony style, since the realistic face of the new Dante is a bit different and less exaggerated than mine. In this tutorial, I will show you simple steps on 'how to draw Dante from Devil May Cry 5', step by step. Take your time, and remember to locate your references and practice as much as possible. Hopefully you'll enjoy and if you get around to playing this game, let me know your thoughts on it! Peace out and have fun!