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Start with guidelines and shapes that you will draw out to make a frame for Cooler. Draw a circle for his head and then add the facial guidelines. Next, draw out the body guidelines for the shoulders, arms, torso, waist, legs and feet.


What I want you guys to do now is sketch out the spiked shape of Meta Cooler's head as you see here and then start sketching out his shoulders and add finger lines for his left hand.


Your already almost done. Add the shape in the middle of his forehead and then draw the short vertical lines on his face and then start sketching out the muscular arms and beefed up chest as shown to you here. Draw the right arm and hand and then you   


As you can see you are doing a great job and I know that you must be having fun. What I want you to do next is finish off the shape of Cooler's arms and then begin drawing out the rest of his torso and then draw out the legs. I really want you do ske   


Finish off his legs and then draw out his funny looking bulky feet and toes nails and all. Add detailing and definition and then you can start erasing some of the guidelines and shapes that you no longer need.


This is your last drawing step and as you can see you will draw out the long thick tail that Cooler has attached to his body. Once that is done you can erase the rest of the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your Dragonball    


Here you have it, the finished tutorial on "how to draw Meta Cooler from Dragonball Z step by step". Color in your DBZ character and you are all done. See how easy that was? Join me next time for another fun filled drawing lesson here on   

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May 16, 2009

Description: I hope you guys have been having a good time with all these tutorials that I have been putting up lately. I wanted to do another lesson on a DBZ character that was requested by a member a few days ago. I am going to show you how to draw Meta Cooler from DragonBall Z step by step. Now I regretfully have to say that I don't know too much about this DBZ character and that is mainly because I skipped the Frieza saga to watch the android saga. I have been following Dragonball Z for many, many years. Or at least since I have been watching the series from the age of 10. Lately I have been buying DBZ products for a few months now as well as all my Bleach posters, key-chains, plushies and such. Now even though I don't know too much information on this character, I can say that I know what his motives are. First off the character that you are going be drawing is called Meta Cooler but the villain he was before he evolved was Cooler. Now Cooler's whole motives are simple, he wants revenge on those responsible for his brother Frieza's death, and he plans on eventually wiping out the entire Saiyan race. Cooler's character is very cool looking and so is Meta Cooler. This tutorial will show you “how to draw Meta Cooler from Dragonball Z” step by step. Was he difficult to draw you ask? Well at first yeah he was because I couldn't get his hands and legs right without making them look deformed. After a while of sketching out various poses I finally got it right. So therefore, you will learn from my mistakes. I have to go but I shall return in a while with new tutorials to submit and I say that because this lesson on Meta Cooler was supposed to go up yesterday. Okay, peace out people.

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