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How to Draw Conan the Barbarian

Artist: Dawn / January 24, 2008
How to Draw Conan the Barbarian

Step 1.

Okay, start off by drawing five circles. One for the head witch is oval shaped, and four across the sheet that is later going to be his chest.

Step 2.

Now sketching lightly, start from under the head and draw the neck that goes down to the shoulders. After you do that draw the bottom half of the left and right arms. When you are done with this step move down a notch.

Step 3.

Now, Sketch out the top half of the arms with and make sure you put some muscle bulge to it because he is after all a barbarian. Move down to the thigh and sketch them out too. Both these steps are very simple because it is basic line work. Don't for   

Step 4.

This is where you are going to start forming his face by adding some bone structure to the head part of the sketch. Move down a ways and sketch out the outlining for his loin cloth. Enlarge the image because you have to make those adjustments to wher   

Step 5.

To make sure that you get even looking eyes, nose, and mouth, draw a straight line going down the middle of the face and three lines going across. Move to the abs and give him some serious muscle definition there with a tight six pack. Don't forget,    

Step 6.

In this step there is a lot of line detailing. Start at the head with lightly sketching his strangely hair, you do this by strokes going up and down. Draw the eyes that have a mean demeanor to them, the nose, and mouth. After completing the mouth dra   

Step 7.

Here is a short and sweet step. Draw the big bulgy roundness to the groin guard, and the circular buckle being held by four leather straps. Add some thickness to the to of the loin cloth too. Eye brows need to be sketched out also.

Step 8.

Here is where you sketch his head helmet that has brass markings. He also has a bone type neckless that has a pendent in the middle. This is the symbol that he found on one of the warriors he killed. The other thing to do is sketch his sword. Now tak   

Step 9.

Well here you have Conan. Before you finish the warrior erase all the guidelines and dirty sketch marks that make your drawing look smoky. After you are done you should end up with an image like this one.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 24, 2008
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Description: Conan the Barbarian is a fantasy character that was created by Robert E. Howard in 1932. He is a man that grew up in a small village and was the son of a black smith. After his village was attacked and watching his father gets slain down by the army of an evil snake cult. Running for his life with his mother left to defend the both of them; she was cornered by the army that wiped out the whole village. Little Conan was standing beside his mother when she was beheaded by the cult’s leader Thulsa Doom. After being taken prisoner from the cult, he spends the rest of his childhood working like a dog and in the process becomes a strong and powerful adult. He was later sold as a slave where his master trained him to be a devastating worrier. Being forced to take lives of other men in a fight pit, his soul grew darker and darker with pain and hate. Since he was a kid he made a promise to him self to one day seek revenge on the cult that took his parents life. After being freed from his master, he started his adventure to seek out the Thulsa Doom. Along the way he meets women who was a thief, outlaw, mercenary, and pirate the same as him. She stole his heart and gained his trust. She is later killed and makes his revenge more overwhelming. The story goes on and he finally gets his man, he is crowned king and is the ruler of kingdom that chose him. I watched the movie when I was like 15 and thought it was wicked cool. Then when the second story came out I was like “yeah”. Now I hear that a new Conan the Barbarian is coming out in 2009 sometime, I can’t wait for that. This tutorial teaches you how to draw Conan the Barbarian with easy to follow steps. The instructions are short and sweet and you should be able to do it without a problem. I sketched the image on my pad from a photo of Arnold that was on my DVD cover from the movie. I think it came out o.k. Well see ya.