How to Draw Love Frog

Artist: Dawn / January 24, 2008

Step 1.

Lets start off this first step. Draw a huge oblong circle for love frogs head. Then draw two small circles for the eyes. Move down to the bottom and draw the frame work for the body. The two legs you can't see here so instead draw two circles at the    

Step 2.

Here is where you will draw the hind legs and part of the front feet. For the hind legs just draw a half heart shape on both sides. Next draw the love frogs mouth by sketching a real big open smile.

Step 3.

Now it is time to draw the eye brows. Two big peanut shell shapes will complete this task. Move down and just lightly outline the head.

Step 4.

This is the final step before seeing your finished product. On the bottom of the legs draw four shapes that resemble squiggly horse hooves. After you like what you see erase the guidelines and sketch marks you don't want.

Step 5.

All that you need to do before you label him as finished is draw in the hearts and purple circles. There you have your very own love frog.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 24, 2008
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Description: Well Iโ€™m back with another Webkinz that is just in time for Valentines Day, the love frog. He is so cute, that when I look at him, he makes me want to hug someone. I think this particular webkinz might be a limited edition from Ganz but I'm not sure. If it is, I know I have nothing to worry about because mine is in the bag. The Love Frog is a pink frog with dark pink hearts and purple spots all over him. He is a fun addition to the Webkinz family, and he also has a smile from ear to ear. This tutorial will teach you how to draw love frog with four easy steps. The instructions are pretty basic, and you donโ€™t have to be a rocket scientist to draw him. I hope you have fun on your love frog journey.