How to Draw Choji

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Start with a circle shape for his head and then add the facial guidelines. Since this Naruto character is on the plump side, the body frame is going to be wider then usual. Draw the squared boxy shape for the entire outline of Choji's body, and then    


Sketch out the round shape of his face and then draw the neck. Lastly for this step, you will start sketching out the shoulders and outer lining of his arms. The lining should contain an uneven form because his arms are also his sleeves.


Now you can begin sketching out Choji's long spiky hairstyle. There is no hair in his face as it is being pushed back by his head protector. Next thing to do is draw his eyes, nose, and mouth as well as the symbols on his cheeks. Finish sketching out   


Draw the collar, side arm padding on his upper sleeves, and then draw the detailing lines that makes his coat look like an apron. When that is done you can then draw out the symbol for "eat" that he wears on all of his shirts.


Draw the symbol on his head protector, and then finish drawing the length of the coat which is about knee length, and then add the three rectangle like pads on each side of his coat. Once that is done you can finish drawing out his arm, and hand as w   


For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw the legs, and then his ankles and shoes. Be sure to detail and define the legs, shoes, and feet and when that is all set you can start erasing all the guidelines and hspaes that you drew in step o   


Here is your finished drawing of lovable Choji. Color him in and you are done. I did have an awesome time with you all drawing this Naruto character, and just to let you know, I plan on drawing and submitting every character from the Naruto series so   

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February 14, 2010

Description: Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope all you ladies out there received a dozen roses, and some chocolates, and I hope all you men got a nice lovable card that expresses how much you are loved and enjoyed. I will start the day by submitting a tutorial on “how to draw Choji, step by step”. This plump character from Naruto is one of the main supporting members of the series. He made his first debut in chapter 34 for the manga, and in episode “Enter: Naruto Uzumaki” for the anime. You might be thinking that Choji looks a bit different from his original appearance, and you are right. I wanted to draw an updated revision of him so, the lesson you will be learning from is Choji in his Shippuden form. The reason why I like this character is because he was picked on and ridiculed for being a bit on the chubby side. The inscription on the front of his shirt stands for “Eat”, and he doesn't hide the fact that he loves food. Although he feels this way, it does get him annoyed when someone calls him “fat”. Instead he would rather be called big boned, plump, or chubby. The good thing is, Choji is not the only one that is round, other members of his clan also have that husky appearance. Like most overweight people, Choji sort of wears his heart on his sleeve being a very kind and caring person. This is considered to be a big part of who he is. As far as abilities, they're pretty cool. He has an incredible amount of physical strength as you can image with his size. Sometimes ones abilities are overseen because of appearance. It may not look it but, Choji is excellent when it comes to hand to hand combat. Some of his awesome abilities are called "multi size technique". This is when his body parts grow to be several times bigger then normal. Another cool technique he does is "Human bullet tank". He turns himself into a giant ball and goes after his opponents by rolling over them like a boulder. When he is in this mode he can add spikes to his form to increase the attack damage. Anyways, I like the way he came out and he is one character from Naruto that almost looks a bit Asian. When you learn "how to draw Choji", keep in mind you are drawing a lovable ninja. That does it for this lesson. I shall return with something sweet in a while. This is going to be a fun day because it is Valentines Day! Peace out people, and happy drawing!

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