How to Draw Chise Hatori, The Ancient Magus Bride


Simple first step, all you have to do is draw the head and shoulder guidelines then fill the head guide with facial guidelines.


Next, we will create the hair that Chise wears on her head. Just your basic hairstyle. Puffy bangs, shaggy back.


Draw in the shape of her face. As you can see her chin forms a point. Once the face shape is drawn in, you can sketch in her mouth, nose and stressed expressed eyes. The upper lids should consist of thick lining.


Moving on to Chise's lower body beginning with the neck shape. Once the neck is drawn begin tackling her shirt collar. It's not buttoned all the way up which is why you will need to draw in the hole on one side and a button on the other. Don't forget   


Last step people. Draw the shoulders, arms and all the detailing to her sweater vest that she wears over her button up shirt. Sketch in the definition to her clothes and then erase the mistakes and guides.


Tah dah, here is Chise from The Ancient Magus' Bride. Color her in and call it finished.

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December 8, 2017

Description: Hello everyone. I have been getting into this fairly new manga/anime called The Ancient Magus' Bride and I have to tell you, it is good. So good in fact I decided to make a tutorial on how to draw Chise Hatori, step by step. I am so proud of this drawing. I even created the background image that she stands upon and yeah, those trees are awesome. Anyways, I am open for tutorial requests if anyone has any for me. I know there are a lot of lessons on here from a user name Dawn, but I can fulfill some tuts for you all too so don't be shy to send me a message. Anyways, have fun with drawing Chise, she is one of my fav characters from The Ancient Magus' Bride.

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