How to Draw Chibi Billie Joe Armstrong, Billie Joe Armstrong


Make a circle for the head and then draw in a stick like body like so. Add the face guide and proceed on.


Using the head guide you just made, draw in the messy hairstyle that Billie-Joe is known for, and when you do this make sure that the hair strands are semi wavy.


Sketch out the shape of Billie's face chibi face structure like so, and move to step four.


Draw the shapes of the eyes, and then the eyebrows and finally the mouth.


As you know chibi bodies are small, and very easy to draw. You will start with the neck, and then draw in the shirt collar, tie, sleeves, and then the rest of the torso shape. When you're done here, move to step six.


Draw in his right arm, and then draw the Timmy Tuner style hand and fingers.


Draw in the left hand like so, and be sure to include the mic which is in Billie's grip.


You are almost done with Billie-Joe Armstrong. All you have to do now is draw in the skinny chibi style legs, and feet like so, and add some last minute detailing to the clothing.


Now to end the steps of all steps, the last thing to do is draw in the long cord for his mic, and sketch in some speckle on the mic's head. Clean up your drawing so you have a clean canvas to color in.


Here you go, the chibi you have been waiting for. I hope you enjoyed drawing chibi Billie Joe Armstrong, now you can enjoy even more satisfaction as you color in your work of art.

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November 8, 2011

Description: Another lesson for the chibi anime lovers; this one is dedicated to all you Green Day fans. In this new tutorial installment, we will be learning “how to draw chibi Billie Joe Armstrong" from Green Day, step by step”. I had so much fun with the body shape and colors for Billie. Being a Green Day fan and all, I wanted to capture the true character behind the awesome music. Personally, if it wasn't for this band to be released, there would be no My Chemical Romance, New Found Glory, Rise Against, Sum 41, etc...There's a lot of good meaning in Billie's music, something that recent music lacks. The top singles this band has released are “Basket Case”, “When I Come Around”, “American Idiot”, “21 Guns”, “Know Your Enemy”, and a few others I can't remember. Anyways, I hope everyone will enjoy this tutorial since it's been requested by a few members here at Drago. Let me know if you liked this tutorial or if you're a die hard fan of Green Day's. Do you like the other bands I have listed in this tutorial? Let me know in the comments and I'll reply! Thanks for viewing and have fun on your drawing endeavors.

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