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How to draw Chibi Applejack in 4 simple steps

Artist: SnowRose / July 31, 2013
How to draw Chibi Applejack in 4 simple steps

Step 1.

Start by drawing 3/4 profile,followed by a starting line for the body,and the ear. also remember to leave space on the head, so then the mane can look nice.

Step 2.

Draw the chest(make sure it puffs out) and the legs, like so. move on to the hindquarters, which should have a circular-like space for the cutie mark. draw the back, then connect the 2 lines.

Step 3.

Okay,now draw the tail, which covers up some of her back leg. now draw the top portion of her mane, and make sure it's nice and spikey. then the bottom portion, which is the ponytail. Now draw a nice smile,blush,and closed eye. Please erase any mista   

Step 4.

Now draw in her cutie mark, color her, and make a line so then the eye becomes opened. now make 3 big circles, and color in green. also make the lines for her mane. Tada!! now you have an adorable little applejack!! Please comment!!!

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Artist: SnowRose
Date Added: July 31, 2013
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Description: this is my first tutorial, so plz no mean comments!!! Hope ya like it!!!