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How to Draw Charlie Brown

Artist: dragoartrox / December 17, 2008
How to Draw Charlie Brown

Step 1.

First thing you wanna do is draw Charlie's head and the start of his body like shown.

Step 2.

Next thing you do is start his shirt.

Step 3.

Finally, finish Charlie's shirt, add his shirt and shoes and laces and then finally, color him in! That's how you draw Charlie Brown!

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Artist: dragoartrox
Date Added: December 17, 2008
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Tags: how to draw charlie brown characters
Description: Hey guys! I'm dragoartrox and I'm introducing my very first tutorial on DragoArt.com! I'll be teaching you how to draw...Well...let me see if you can answer this question about our tutorial character: Who's the famous comic strip character who wears a yellow shirt with a black zigzag and whose best pal is Snoopy? Is it: (a) Spider-Man (b) Timmy Turner (c) Charlie Brown or (d) Mickey Mouse? If you guessed Charlie Brown you're right! Now on to the tutorial! I did this all on Microsoft Paint, BTW.