How to Draw Woodstock

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Okay, let's start with an egg shape for Woodstock's head. Next draw a horizontal line inside of the head shape. Draw a vertical line for his neck and then attach it to the circular body shape. You will then draw the tail guideline, and the leg and fo   


Now you will draw out the shape of Woodstock's head, face and neck. Once that is done you can then draw in his eye and then color it as well. Next, draw the lines on the top of Woodstock's head for his feathery hair.


All you have to do is draw the front bump for his belly and then draw the beginning lines and shapes of his foot.


For your last drawing step you will draw the back and butt line to make a complete shape of Woodstock's body. Next draw out the tail shape and then finish off the foot. Lastly draw the small wing and then erase the guidelines and shapes that are visi   


This is what your drawing should look like when you are done with this lesson on "how to draw Woodstock step by step".

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October 13, 2009

Description: How many people love that funny little beagle Snoopy? Well I know that I drew a few characters from the “Peanuts Gang” including Snoopy, but I never did a lesson on “how to draw Woodstock step by step”. So that is what I will be teaching you how to do today. As many of you know, Woodstock is a yellow little bird that is one of Snoopy’s best friends. Woodstock made his first debut in 1967 when he and his sibling was nested on top of Snoopy’s stomach while he was laying on the roof top of his dog house. You see, Woodstock’s mother built the nest there, and then later left the nest and never returned. Snoopy took Woodstock and the other bird and let them loose into the wild. Later on after Snoopy thought he had finally rid himself of the two pesky birds, here comes Woodstock flying toward Snoopy in a crocked flight. Ever since, he has just been Snoopy’s friend. Do you know what the inspiration was for Schulz to label the yellow bird with his name? Well, he said that he gave the bird the name Woodstock to take after the rock festival. That makes sense. I mean, the rock festival and Snoopy were both in sync during the seventies, I guess all great days are forever remembered. Anyways, Woodstock is a fun character from the gang. He is spunky, and often tells Snoopy what to do. I think you will find this lesson on “how to draw Woodstock step by step” easy and fun. Well that does it for this tutorial description. Have fun guys and I will return with more drawing fun soon!

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