How to Draw Carl From Meet The Robinsons

Artist: Min_Mikki / February 8, 2009

Step 1.

Ok to start off draw the Basic/Guide lines for Carl.

Step 2.

Ok next you start to put some detail onto he's tummy and start to draw he's hands.

Step 3.

Ok now you start to draw Carls eyes and the top bit thing thats on the top of he's head. draw lines on he's feet and draw he's symbol on he's chest.

Step 4.

Ok this is the part where you finish the details on Carl's legs, arms and neck to make him more robortic. Start to Draw he's nose and some more of he's eyes.

Step 5.

Ok now this is the last part of the step where you finish him off.

Step 6.

Your done Drawing Carl the Robort, i hope you enjoyed this lesson. Ask if you need help.

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Artist: Min_Mikki
Date Added: February 8, 2009
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Description: Hello Again, this is my second tutorial for the day. Since i did a tutorial for Wilbur i thought i might draw another character from Meet The Robinsons so i chose Carl Robort. I hope you like it.