How to Draw Arthur Timothy Read from Arthur

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Okay are you ready for this first step or what? Good, then lets get started. Start by drawing out the wide oval like shape for Arthur's head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw out the long boxy shape of his torso. After that you c   


Now as you knwo Arthur wears big round glasses right? Okay, so that is what you will do first draw two circles for the shape of his eye glasses. Next start sketching out the outlining of his sweater as shown to you here and make sure that the sweater   


Wow, you are already on step three which means what? Yup you are almost done. You will start this step by drawing out the shapes of Arthur's ears and then the thick lines for his glasses. Add a friendly smile and then draw out the shaping of his arm    


The more you go further in the steps, the more Arthur is starting to take form huh? You will detail the inside of his round eras and then detail the inside of the eye glasses. Two dots for his nostrils or nose and then add the sweater elastic strips    


Well here you are at the last drawing step. You will just give Arthur some eyebrows and then his pupils. Next draw out his shirt collar and then detail the soles of his sneakers. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Ta da! This is what your PBS character should come out looking like when you are finally done. All you have top do now is color him in using his signature colors. You have just finished this tutorial on how to draw Arthur Timothy Read from Arthur ste   

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October 27, 2008

Description: Well I am back once again and this time I will be showing you how to draw a character from PBS Kids. This character is funny, smart, caring and well known, his name is Arthur. So that means you will be learning how to draw Arthur Timothy Read from Arthur step by step. This aardvark is an eight year old boy that lives with his mother Jane, his father David, and his four year old sister D.W. The reason why I chose to do a tutorial on Arthur is because my baby sister (who is five) absolutely loves the PBS series like you wouldn’t believe. She has like eight movies on DVD, an Arthur plush toy, and a backpack that she keeps all of her Arthur books in. I too like the show even if it is for toddlers and elementary school aged kids. All the characters are funny and entertaining as well as interesting. Arthur has a handful of good friends that he associates with on a daily basis. His friends are; Francine Frensky who is a monkey, Mary Alice or "Muffy" is also a monkey, Alan Powers or "The Brain" who is a bear, Sue Ellen Armstrong who is a cat, Fern Walters she is a dog, George Nordgren he is a moose, Binky Barnes he is a bulldog, Jenna Morgan she’s a cat, and finally Prunella Deegan who is a mouse. In some episodes he even has a younger sister who is still a baby named Kate. One of my favorite episodes is when Arthur tries to start up a pet sitting business. It was funny because at first he thought he had everything under control, but then his house started getting filled with all kinds of animals, the business turned out to be more than he could handle. It was this episode that he first got his own pet dog from a litter of pups that was born behind his couch. Anyway I know some of you members and visitors will like this drawing lesson because almost everyone loves Arthur. This tutorial will show you how to draw Arthur Timothy Read from Arthur step by step. The instructions are easy to read and the steps are simple to follow. I will be back with some more awesome tutorials in a bit so stay tuned folks there is more to come.

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