How To Draw an Orangutan

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Lets start off this step by drawing out all the guidelines to help you draw your Orangutan alot easier. Start by drawing the shape of an oval head. Now, draw two lines that come exactly from the sides of the orangutans head and draw a straight line f   


Now what I what you to do is look very closely to the sketched image and see what you have to work on next. I will guide you threw this step by step but I just want you to get a mental picture to what you are going to be drawing. Orangutans have very   


This step like all steps contains instructions on how to detail your orangutan. Starting at the face sketch two small oblong eyes. Then in the circle that overlaps the face and torso I want you to sketch in the mouth and clef that is above the lip. A   


Adding hair around the head, left shoulder and arm is the next step. Again look at the image to help give you the idea on the type of hand stroke needed to create this effect. Take your pencil and just stroke it from side to side going in and out. Pr   


This is short step. All you need to do is sketch in some more hair detail on top of the monkeys head. They have very long hair so when you sketch it out keep that in mind. Also before leaving this step draw the knuckle detail on the left and right ha   


This is another short step. Finish off the sketch by sketching out the rest of the long hair all over the body. After you are done doing this the only thing left to do is erase all the guidelines that you drew in step one and clean up your art. When    


There you have it the Sumatran Orangutan. He kinda looks the Bigfoot from Harry and the Henderson's doesn't he? Well I hope you had fun.

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February 1, 2008

Description: Orangutans like most primates have enough smarts to comprehend reason and think. Because they have that ability, they can respond to mankind very easily. The Orangutan has dark amber colored hair from head to toe. The only part that is not covered by their red locks is their face, hands, and feet. An interesting fact about these mammals is that they are the largest tree dwelling animal in the world. The people of their native country which is the rain forest of Asia think of the orangutans as people of the forest. Orangutans are like birds in a lot of ways, one reason is because, they build huge nest on treetops and will actually play, eat, sleep, and mate in the spots they make amongst the treetops. Another reason why they are like birds is because they rarely have any reason at all to come down from the branches. Orangutans have feet that act as human hands which they use to climb with. Their hip bones are designed to hold them in any position they can hang in whether it’s upside down, feet behind the head, or just rolling around they are as flexible as they come. As you know they have very long arms and very strong hands for reaching their food and prying it open at times. Male Orangutans can weigh as high s 230 pounds depending on their diet and how often they move. Because of their large size, males are more prone to travel on foot. Females who are almost always hanging out in the trees weigh a lot less then the males, which is why they stay above ground, sometimes up to 100 feet high. They truly are an interesting creature and I’ve always been found of them since I was a child. I can remember being in Jr. High, I had a pottery class and I chose to sculpt an Orangutan holding her young. This tutorial image is from that very sculpture and the only thing missing is the little baby. I show you how to draw the Sumatran Orangutan step by step with easy instructions so that even children can understand. If you take your time with this sketch, you can learn to draw like a pro no matter how old you are. Enjoy and I’ll catch you next time.

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