How to Draw an Electric Guitar


Draw a line and divide it into six, roughly same sized parts.


Draw a rectangle that takes up the first 2/6 of the line. Then draw a diagonal line, going from right to left, around the middle of the 3/4 part of the line. At the other end of a line, draw a small circle. Then draw a triangle coming out of it. The    


Draw the shape of the body of the guitar, using the rectangle and diagonal lines as a guide. On the square, use two lines to mark where the neck ends. Add a small line to the top of the guitar to get the shape of the head right.


Make the neck by adding two lines, a long one and a shorter one. Add curves to the front of the body of the guitar.


Add the pick guard (the white thing on the body, around where people strum), by following the shape of the guitar. Add a rectangle on the left side of it, then a smaller one under that. Add the ovals, between the rectangle and the neck. Draw a diagon   


Add all the frets (the lines across the neck). Please note that the gaps between the line get smaller and smaller, as it comes nearer to the body of the guitar. Add all the detail to the pick guard, all the dots and screws etc. There are six dots on    


Draw a hole in the amp thing. Then draw six strings, making sure they are the same distance apart. Note that the gap between them gets smaller as it gets closer to the head. Then draw the dots on the neck. Please make sure they are the same number of   


Erase all unnecessary lines and BINGO, you have guitar! Now colour it in. Black and red would look nice, I don’t would red and green – kind of like a watermelon. Anyway, I hope you have all enjoyed this tutorial :)

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May 5, 2012

Description: This tutorial will teach you haw to draw an electric guitar, to be specific, a Fender. I am currently learning how to play classical acoustic guitar, which is good and pretty fun. I like looking at electric guitars, and dreaming about which one I’ll buy, some time in the near future (probably near the end of the year, on my birthday). I saw a black heavy metal one a while ago and it looked sooo good. It had a sort-of distorted body and wasn’t straight. Maybe I’ll try to draw it later. Anyway, this is how to draw an electric guitar and I hope you all enjoy the tutorial! Please tell me what you think of it! XD

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