How to draw an Eldar Striking Scorpion

Artist: darkangel666 / February 28, 2010

Step 1.

In this step just do the basic wirefram figure to get the basic pose of the piece. Make sure you draw this in a light pencil, because most of it will br rubbed out in the later steps

Step 2.

Now draw in the basic shape of the armour, chain-sword and head also do this fairly lightly, as some will be rubbed out.

Step 3.

Now its time to start drawing in the basic details, such as gun, abs, hair, pouch and some touch ups

Step 4.

Now draw in the armour plates, then hands, most of the chainsword and mandiblasters(things on the side of its head).

Step 5.

Now draw in the gems, liney things on the armour and face detail.

Step 6.

And now for the very last details and touch ups, including the iconography on his head, and do something for the background.

Step 7.

And now for the final step, do the shading. Make it darker in the recess and lighter on the edges to give it a 3D feel. I hope this tut helped you in draw an eldar striking scorpion. Please rate, comment and enjoy.

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Artist: darkangel666
Date Added: February 28, 2010
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Description: Hey, this a tutorial on how to draw an elder striking scorpion, from the Warhammer 40K universe. It is an elite and-to-hand aspect warrior, trained to hide in the shadows and eliminate its enemies with stealth. It is based on a drawing found on Google by and artist that goes by the Alias of Goramitrio, and i made made it cause it was requested by Eminem_654. Please rate, comment and enjoy.