How to Draw a Space Marine Land Raider

Artist: darkangel666 / February 25, 2010

Step 1.

This is just two simple to line of perspective to give a rough idea of what angle the tank is at.

Step 2.

The rough outline of it, look at the finished result in case your wondering were to put the lines.

Step 3.

Rub out the perspective lines, neaten up some of the outlines, and add in some detail, including the bolter sponson.

Step 4.

I accidently saved over the real step four, so there is heaps of stuff to draw in this step, including the detail on the side, the gunner and gun on the top, the treads, the crux-terminus symbol (the X looking thing on the side), and many other littl   

Step 5.

Clean up some of the lines, then shade the whole peice, and ad something in the background of your choice, i just quickly put some burning building in. Sorry bout the horrible shading.

Step 6.

Last of all, add some detail to the background, i added some fire and smoke to the buildings. Hope this tut helped, please rate, comment and enjoy. Next tut=Warhammer 40k Eldar striking scorpions.

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Artist: darkangel666
Date Added: February 25, 2010
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Description: Hi, I'm back, so expect many more 40k tuts. This one is on how to draw a land raider, a massive vehicle from the warhammer 40k universe. It is used as a troop transport and a lethal warmachine. This tut a made in a bit of a hurry, so its a little rough, and i accidently forgot to save step 5 so it skips that and goes strait to step six. Hope you like it, please rate comment, and enjoy =)