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How to draw an easy my little pony,easy My little pony

Artist: minun_pokemon / July 25, 2013
How to draw an easy my little pony,easy My little pony

Step 1.

First off,draw a circle,this will be your only guideline for this tutorial.

Step 2.

Next,draw the muzzle,by that I mean the open mouth,with a semicircle for the tounge,and the little line which represents the nostril.,also,draw the slightly curved line underneath the muzzle,which will be her chin.

Step 3.

After that,draw the curved line for her forehead and her ear,which is like a triangle,but without the bottom line,also,add in the other curved line that les on the inside of her ear.

Step 4.

Next,draw the two lines for her neck,one that comes from the back of her ear,and another that leads from the bottom of her chin.

Step 5.

Now draw her mane style,but erase whatever her mane covers,like part of the forehead,and the back of her neck.

Step 6.

Next,draw her eye which is partially covered by her mane.

Step 7.

Now,draw her ear pieces,like her stud,earring rhombus shaped earring.

Step 8.

After you do that,draw the highlights for her mane.

Step 9.

Lastly,add colour!! You,have just learned how to draw a my little pony,easy!

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Artist: minun_pokemon
Date Added: July 25, 2013
Steps: 9
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Description: Here is a rocker pony,sorta,I got bored and made myself a request to do this,so here it is,and how to draw her,easy. Hope ya'll like her,and feel free to leave feedback if you want to,peace out drago artists!