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How to draw Heart Pony Rainbow Dash,Rainbow Dash Heart Pony

Artist: minun_pokemon / July 9, 2013
How to draw Heart Pony Rainbow Dash,Rainbow Dash Heart Pony

Step 1.

First off,draw a circle for Rainbow's head.

Step 2.

Next,add in her ear,and part of her bangs,we will finish them in the next step or so.

Step 3.

After that,continue and finish her bangs,then you are going to add in her front arms and hooves,her left of which,is partially covered by her bangs.

Step 4.

Then,you are going to add in Rainbow Dash's hind quarters,and her hind leg and hoof.

Step 5.

Now,draw her wing,and her cutie mark,which is a cloud,that has rainbow coloured lightning coming from it.

Step 6.

Next,add in her facial features,as her eyes,which are closed and curved,and her nose,which I added in there by myself,you don't have to if you don't want to :)

Step 7.

After that,draw in the rest of her mane and tail.

Step 8.

Now,add in the higlights in her mane...

Step 9.

Lastly,add colour! Hopefully ya'll use better colours than I did ;) But you,have just learned how to draw Heart Pony Rainbow Dash,from Minun_pokemon,hope ya'll like it!

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tunecookie20 · 5 years ago
thank you
Artist: minun_pokemon
Date Added: July 9, 2013
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Description: Hi! Sorry for not posting any tutorials up in a while :C my computer wouldn't let me,all up until today! :D well,here I am,tackling a request from Fluttershy 0816,so here's your Heart Pony Rainbow Dash! P.S. sorry,didn't have the correct blue for her coat colour