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How to Draw Amon, Amon, Legend of Korra

Artist: Dawn / July 24, 2011
How to Draw Amon, Amon, Legend of Korra

Step 1.

Draw a head shape which is in the form of an oval. Next, draw out the straight lines for the shoulders, torso, hips, legs, and arms.

Step 2.

Instead of showing you a distant step to drawing out the head, face, and mask, I will make you a three part head lesson like so. Start with drawing out the hood which looks like hair at this point. Next, inside of the hood draw the shape of the face    

Step 3.

Begin sketching out the torso by first making the neck, then start drawing out the shoulders, and the rest of the upper body except for the arms.

Step 4.

Next, you will start sketching out the shoulders or shoulder padding like so, and be sure to draw in the trim. Next, draw the upper arms which is also the sleeves and then move to step five.

Step 5.

Finish drawing out the arms, and fists like so, and then draw the belt around the waist, and then draw out the rest of the clothing or top. This should be long and rounded at the corners. Add some material detailing and move to step six.

Step 6.

Next, you will draw out Oman's legs starting at the thigh, and then draw out the rounded knee pads or guards, and then draw out the legs and then the feet. Add some wrinkling and some design lines to the thighs.

Step 7.

The last thing you will do here is first erase the guides that you drew in step one to clean up the drawing, and then draw in the plates on the torso, and then the detailing to all the armor and clothing for this suit. Don't forget to draw in the fee   

Step 8.

Now that you are all done, you have yourself a cool drawing of the villain from Legend of Korra. Color him in, and you are on your way to completing the whole crew.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 24, 2011
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Description: Now that I informed you guys on the new series coming to Nickelodeon, which is The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra. It is said to actually air in either 2011 or early 2012. For my next character from the series, I want to show you "how to draw Oman", step by step. Now just to let you guys know, all information that I learned about is actually brand new release data from yesterday’s Comic Con. There is only bits and pieces of character information that I can fill you in on. From what I understand, Oman is going to be the main villain of the show. He leads this group called the Equalists, which is an organization that is dedicated to rid the United Republic of all benders. As of right now it’s not known why Oman is leading such a group, but I have a feeling it’s almost like the same story line of the movie X-Men and how people in office where determined to flood out the mutants. Anyways, Oman wears a mask at all times and because of this there is no clue to what he truly looks like. His enemies consist of all types of benders, Mako, Tenzin, Bolin, and of course Korra. The fighting style that he and his henchmen use is called Chi Blocking. If you remember correctly, Chi Blocking is a fighting style that takes muscles and makes them mobilized. Because of this, if you are a bender, there is no way you can bend without utilizing the muscles in your body. Oman is not going to be a hard figure to draw, and I think you should have a relatively easy time with this task. I think that you will find drawing Oman is going to be easy, and when you’re done you can color him in to your liking. Thanks for joining me with this lesson guys, I hope you had a blast.