How to Draw a Walrus

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Start this tutorial on how to draw a walrus by drawing out three shapes and a few guidelines. First draw a circle for the head and add the facial lining. You will then draw a larger circle that will be for the walruses body and make it overlap the he   


You will now start drawing out the shape of the face and head as you see here. This will be easy because all you have to do is draw a large "W" shape for the jowls and then use the facial guidelines to draw out the eyes and nostril holes.


Sketch out the shape of the walruses body and then draw out the back fins which are in a relaxed position. You will then draw some crease lines on the back of the walrus to show that this animal has tons of blubber. Sketch out the may whiskers that w   


For your last drawing step you will draw out the shapes of the front flippers or fins as you see here. Next draw some wrinkle and crease line that overlap the fins to convey size and blubber count. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in   


Here is what your walrus comes out looking like when you are done. Color him/her in and you have just learned "how to draw a walrus step by step".

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September 9, 2009

Description: Let me shy away from those chibi characters for the next two tutorials and talk about an animal that lives in the salty seas. Everybody loves seals and sea lions right? Well how about the walrus. I wanted to submit a lesson on one of the most adorable salt water sea animals that resembled both the seal and the sea lion. You will be getting a free online drawing lesson on “how to draw a walrus step by step”. These animals are really amazing because they are the largest of their species. They are classified as pinnipeds just like their cousins the seal and sea lion. They are recognizable because they are one of the only sea animals that have large tusks, long harsh whiskers, and they make these sounds that make you want to say “oh my god”. That is not the only thing about walruses that is amazing. These animals also grow to be ten to twelve feet long and get as large as two tons for the bulls, and one ton for the cows. I know what your saying, “ I thought you were talking about walruses”? I am, male walruses are called bulls and the females are called cows. They also range in color as well. The walrus can be pink to a cinnamon brown color depending on their habitat. Another cool thing about this animal is that they have four fins, and they are able to walk on all four of them just like a human. You can also tell how old a walrus is by counting the rings that form with age on their teeth, just like a tree. Although these animals may seem like they die from old age because they get to be so large, a majority of the walrus population is killed due to hunting and being the meal of a killer whale or some other large sea water creature. If they manage to keep themselves alive they can grow to be thirty five years old in the wild. I always thought that the walrus was a special and awesome animal. I love how this drawing came out looking because it really shows how innocent these creatures can be. I hope you guys have fun with this tutorial on “how to draw a cartoon walrus step by step”. I have to go but there is more on the way. Peace out folks and happy drawing!

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