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How to Draw a Volcano

Artist: Dawn / November 2, 2008
How to Draw a Volcano

Step 1.

Are you ready or what for your first tutorial lesson? Good what you will first do is draw the tube like shape of your mountain and make sure at least one side is bumpy. Next draw a long straight lines with an oval shape at the top. You will then sket   

Step 2.

In this next step you will start to add some detailing to the steam cloud just like you would to a cloud in the sky. Next draw out the lava lining that is spilling over the sides as shown to you here. Make sure that the lava isn't all one size, shape   

Step 3.

Well what do you think? You are already on your last drawing step and all you will do here is detail and define your mountain by adding grove lines. Then you will draw splatter pieces of lava as seen and then detail the smoke cloud a bit more. You ca   

Step 4.

Well here you have it, your very own erupting volcano drawing. All you have to do now is color it in using some crayons, colored pencils or markers. I hope you had fun learning how to draw a volcano step by step.

Comments (3)
Popplioethan · 2 weeks ago
it is quite hard
Popplioethan · 2 weeks ago
it is quite hard
Popplioethan · 2 weeks ago
it is quite hard
Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 2, 2008
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Description: This is going to be another exciting tutorial on an object that almost everyone wants to learn how to draw whether it is for school projects or to simply have fun with it on a sheet of paper using a pencil and some crayons. I showed you how to draw a storm cloud and lightning bolts right? Well it is now time that I give you a drawing lesson on how to draw a volcano step by step. Why a volcano you ask? Well, why not? They are cool, exciting, mysterious and very powerful. And since I drew some lightning I figured that you could place a volcano right below it. Anyways, I’m sure a majority of you know exactly what volcano’s are and why they erupt. But just encase there are some of you out there that have an idea but don’t really know, I will explain some facts about the volcano for you now. First off a volcano's are three dimensional mountains that have openings or holes in the middle that go straight down like a drain pipe. Way at the bottom of a volcano lies what you call a large magma chamber which is the substance that explodes and spews out from the top by traveling through a passage until it reaches the opening. Now above the magma chamber is a layer of bedrock, then you have the tubing that the magma shoots out of called the conduit. Next comes the base which is what the exterior of the volcano sits on, then there is the flank which is the sides of the volcano’s structure. Right before the magma shoots out from the top, it squeezes through the throat and then that is when the volcano omits it’s hot steaming lava and poisonous gasses. Some of the most famous volcano's in existence today are; Mount Vesuvius located in Italy, Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii, Llullaillaco located in Argentina-Chile, and Mount Saint Helens Volcano in Washington. The volcano is a powerful structure created by nature that is virtually uncontrollable. How hot is lava you ask? Well it has been recorded at being as high as 1,165 degrees Fahrenheit. Wow, that’s hot! In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a volcano step by step with lava and all. The steps are easy to understand and draw and I promise you will be drawing your very own neat looking volcano in no time at all. I will be back with three more drawing lessons in a bit so stay tuned ramblers.