How to Draw a Swallow

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Draw a circle for the swallow birds head and then add an eye circle. You will then draw out the shape of the swallows body shape and then the two fork lines for the tail. Draw wing lines and then move to the next step.


What you will do here is draw out the swallow wings and then design the edges of the wings as you see here. Once the wings and wing design is drawn out, you can draw out the tail that is separated as you see here. See how easy learning how to draw a    


Okay, this is your last drawing step and all you have to do is draw out the separate feather layers on each wing. Color in the eye and then draw out the small triangle beak. Detail the body art design and then draw out the rest of the swallow tail fe   


This is what your finished line art should look like once you are done drawing out your swallow tattoo bird. Choose some fantastic colors and then shade the flying bird in. That will do it for me on how to draw a swallow bird step by step.

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May 5, 2009

Description: Now that I have finally submitted a tutorial on how to draw Jacob Black from Twilight, I can move forward and submit my second lesson on "how to draw a swallow", step by step. A swallow is a bird that has gained a tremendous amount of popularity over the past few years especially when it comes to tattoo sparrow designs. The sparrow is a small bird that has very distinctive characteristics. What makes these birds unique is shapes and designs to their little bodies. They have sharp pointed sturdy looking wings, and their tails are forked like a carving fork. The swallow bird comes in seventy five different types with only eight of that number coming from Canada and the United States. It is true that the swallow comes in seventy five different varieties, but did you know that out of seventy five their is only one that is the largest in every way? It's true, the largest swallow is called a "Purple Martin Swallow" which comes in with measurements reaching nearly nine inches in length. The purple martin swallow has a glossy colored bluish black tone on his tail which is really beautiful to look at and admire. There is so many tales to what the meaning of a swallow tattoo is but for the most part it has something to do with sailors and how they would receive a swallow tattoo when they have sailed more than five thousand miles over the ocean. There is another tale how swallow bird tattoos were given to represent that one will always return home. Either way the swallow bird has a bunch of reasons on their meaning and why people love getting these birds printed on their bodies as a tattoo. I hope you guys have fun learning how to draw a swallow bird step by step. I will be back with another tutorial as well as my last for the day but I shall return later to maybe chat with my friends. Peace out people and keep on drawing.

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