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How to Draw a Skull Tattoo

Artist: Dawn / July 2, 2009
How to Draw a Skull Tattoo

Step 1.

Okay to start this tutorial on "how to draw a skull tattoo", you will want to draw a circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw a horizontal line for the bone.

Step 2.

Okay now start this second step by drawing out the actual bone shape of the skull's head and then make sure that you leave a chunk of skull missing on the right side because you will be drawing a brain there. Once that is done you can then draw out t   

Step 3.

Now you will draw out the shape of the hollow nose hole and then begin sketching out the shape of the messed up looking top teeth as you see here. Once that is done color it in. Next simply draw the shape of the lower jaw with looks like the tip of a   

Step 4.

See how goofy looking your skull tattoo will look like when you are done with this step? The first thing you will draw is the shape of the big bulging eyes. Sketch in some wrinkles under the eyes and then define around the eyeballs themselves. Next d   

Step 5.

Sketch in some cracks in the right side of the skull and then detail the nasty brain. Next draw the very caveman looking bone that the skull figure is holding in his mouth by bitting down on it. Fill in some exposed emptiness and then draw out the bo   

Step 6.

This is your last drawing step and as you can see all you have to do is add two dots for the skulls eyes and then add some bone detailing under the nose. You will then sketch out the beard and detail it as well so that it looks loose and flexible. on   

Step 7.

This is what your tattoo should look like when you are done. If you want to you can color it in and you have just finished this tutorial on "how to draw a skull tattoo step by step".

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 2, 2009
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Description: I really had so much fun yesterday drawing out this next tutorial lesson. I am going to teach you "how to draw a skull tattoo" step by step. Skull tattoo’s are probably one of the most popular types of art to get inked on the human body. I have drawn so many different types of skulls in the past that coming up with new ideas is getting slim. I figured since all my skulls are pretty serious looking and to the point, why not draw something that is almost comical and friendly. So that is what I did. I drew a skull that resembles a shrunken head. You know, a small version of a head that has been shrunken by a witch doctor or something. I left the skull white with a black glittered noise background to give a nice “pop out” effect. I think you will find that this tutorial is really simple to achieve. I hope you guys like this lesson on “how to draw a skull tattoo step by step” I shall return in a bit, and be sure to join me again live today with more drawing fun. Peace out and happy drawing.