How to Draw a Mermaid Step by Step

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Okay start this step with some easy basic shapes and guidelines. Draw a circle for the mermaids head and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw the guidelines for her arms, shoulders, and hands. You will then draw another shape for her torso and t   


Now you will start sketching out her hair style which starts off as bangs. When this is done draw the shape of her pretty mermaid face and add the shape of her nose and mouth.


Continue to sketch out her long hair style which mermaids are known for. When that is done you can start sketching out her left eye and then her nice full lips. As you can see here hair is really long, now you can maker her hair as long or as short a   


In this fourth step you will basically finish sketching out your mermaids hair style and then her exposed eye. Draw the shapes of her full breast and then draw out the outline of both her arms and hands.


I told you that this was going to be simple. Thicken the shape of her arms and finish drawing out her hands. You will then begin drawing out her torso and mermaid tail and then sketch out the fin as well.


Well here you are on your last drawing step. All you need to do now is sketch out the rest of the the mermaids tail and then the fin. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one and move to the next step to see what your line art sh   


This is what your mermaid should look like when you are totally dine drawing her out. Now the fun really begins because you will add your own personal color hues to your fantasy girl. I hope you guys had fun learning "how to draw a mermaid step by st   

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July 2, 2009

Description: Another fantasy tutorial on the way for you all, and I know you will all like it. Yesterday I drew some really cool stuff while I was live and now I am about to submit them to you. I will show you "how to draw a mermaid step by step". Now even though we know mermaids to be a fantasy creature, the truth is they are actually creatures of Greek mythology. I wrote so much already with my other tutorials on mermaids that I am at a lose for words now. I guess I can tell you that I liked drawing out this mermaid, I think it is the best one I have uploaded to date. I mean the other mermaids that I drew were done so long ago and they are all so very…premature. I have gotten so much better at drawing over the past two years since DragoArt has been alive, that it is so plain to see the difference in my work when I look back on it. Back then I thought I was doing a great job, and for a fourteen year old I guess I was. But anyway, as you know this mermaid that you will learn how to draw may look hard, but it is really quite easy. If you follow the steps the way I lay them out, and take your time drawing her, you will have a blast with this lesson. Well, that’s it. I will leave you now to this tutorial on “how to draw a mermaid step by step”. Have fun people and keep on drawing to your hearts content.

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