How to Draw a Rocket Ship


Draw a simple cylinder.


Add a nose cone. (Tip for newbies: this is just a triangle with a rounded bottom.)


Put on fins. the side ones are kind of shark-fin shaped, but for now just a simple rectangle out front. It might help to draw one and get it right and then draw a line across the rocket at the top and bottom to keep the other two the same.


Rocket Boosters! Each has 3 ovals. Try to make the 2 forward ones a little longer than the rear one. Don't forget the flames!


Put a window on. This is just one circle inside another with some little dots and a stick-man-astronaut.


Draw stars around and a sun in the corner.


Now go over the lines you want to keep in pen.


Erase your pencil lines. Note: You are now done. But if you want Yours Truly to give you a couple of shading tips, keep reading.


The shadow from the rectangle fin is the same shark-fin shape as the side fins. It will probably overlap the left rocket booster.


Everything on the left gets shaded. There! Now you're done! Have fun colouring!

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June 18, 2009

Description: This is just a really easy little rocket ship. It might seem a little long, 10 steps, but the last two are just shading tips, so you can stop at step 8 if you want. (It's not exactly a Sci-Fi space craft, but there was a NASA one in this category, so I figured I was safe putting it here.:)

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