How to Draw a Pumpkin Face

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First thing to draw a pumpkin face is to create the guidelines. Start with a shape for the pumpkin and then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Next, start at the top of the face shape and draw out the arched brows for the pumpkin's expression and then draw the brow that will hoover over the eyes and become part of the eye shape.


Make the round part of the pumpkin head and draw in the stem. Add detailing to the stem as well, then you can move down to the eyes and draw out the shapes of each eye. You will draw the nostrils and color those in because they are hollows. Add some    


Draw out the rest of the pumpkin's face and add those melting drips.


Create the pumpkin's mouth and add some jagged lines on both the upper and bottom lip line. Draw in the curly vines and some leaves.


You are ready to color in your pumpkin once you have erased the mistakes and guides, or just print out the line art to use as a decal for your pumpkin carving.

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October 1, 2020

Description: Hello all, and thank you for purchasing this lesson that will teach you how to draw a pumpkin face, step by step. This pumpkin face drawing can be used to stencil onto your pumpkin at home to be carved out. Carving pumpkins is so much fun and whether you are doing it with children, your boyfriend, a friend or even as a group, this is a great design to create a jaw dropping reaction. It's no secret that I love going above the norm and this is definitely a pumpkin face I would draw on my pumpkin. So go ahead and have fun drawing a pumpkin face step by step and when you are done you can print out the line art to use as pumpkin face stencil for your carving experience.

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