How to Draw a Opossum

Artist: Dawn / February 21, 2008

Step 1.

Okay what you will be doing in step 1 is drawing out the guidelines and circles for the possum. Starting with the circle shapes first, at the tip draw a small circle, then right on the side of that one draw a larger circle. Move to the lower side and   

Step 2.

Now, here is where you will be sketching out parts of the possums face, feet, back end, and tail. Starting at the head like always, you can lightly sketch out the nose and mouth line. Then move to the side of the head and sketch the shape of the eye    

Step 3.

This step looks hard but it is really quite simple. You have lightly sketch out all the long shaggy looking hair that covers most of the possums body. Sketch in the long whiskers as well and detail the front and back feet some more until your possum    

Step 4.

This is what your finished sketch should look like when you are through. Color him in and have a blast. The typical color for possums are like a grayish black. But you can also find them a brownish color. So you choose what your color of choice is.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 21, 2008
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Description: This tutorial is going to be based on that ugly looking cat sized rat, the Opossum. Most people call this animal a possum which is how they are best known. Did you ever wonder where these mammals came from? Well let’s start off by saying that the possum is in fact a marsupial, and what this means is that the females have a pouch that her young stay in when they are born, just like a kangaroo. There are over 60 different kinds of possums with the most recognized being the Virginia opossum or another words the common possum, which is what we see crossing the street or found dead in the road. An interesting fact about this animal is that this is the only marsupial that can be found in the U.S and Canada, which I think is pretty cool no matter how ugly they are. From head to tail they are 2.5 feet and can weigh up to 10 pounds. When a mother gives birth to a litter of baby possums (which usually contains 20 babies), they are the size of a common honey bee. Just like the kangaroo when they are born, the baby possums crawl right away to the mother’s pouch where they will stay for 2-3 months. As the babies get bigger they will at times ride ontop of the mothers back while traveling from place to place even while she hunts for food. Even though female possums give birth to a litter of twenty, only half of that amount will survive, so she loses a total of 10 babies. A question that a lot of folks ask is “what do these animals feed on? Well that’s easy; they are in fact known to be scavengers, which is why you see them hanging outside of garbage cans and dumpsters raiding them to pick out the edibles for them to feed on. To avoid being attacked from predators like foxes, bobcats, and even dogs, they lie on their sides and play dead with their tongues hanging out of the mouth. As you can imagine possums are excellent tree climbers and they also use their tail as a fourth limb to hang from tree branches. Any way you look at these creatures, and no matter how ugly they are they still have their good qualities. I will show you an easy way to draw the possum step by step. When you learn how to draw this animal you will see a softer side that you never seen before. The instructions are easy to understand and read, and after you are done you can go all out and color him/her in. So grab your drawing supplies and start sketching.