How to Draw a Motorbike

Artist: Dawn / February 15, 2011

Step 1.

Start by drawing out one shape and a half circle. The oblong bar like shape is for the body of the bike and the half circle is for the top part of the bike.

Step 2.

Here you begin drawing out the windscreens and the front part of the bikes aerodynamics.

Step 3.

Here you will begin drawing out the side mirrors like so, and then draw in the detailing lines that add definition to the plastic or fiberglass of the bikes shell.

Step 4.

Here is where you will take your time as you sketch out the bikes levers which is also the handles that controls the bikes gears. Take your time and be sure to draw out the mechanics of the motorbike design.

Step 5.

Okay, now you will draw out the hump that is usually home to the gas tank, and all the units that displays the speed, gas levels, and rpm meter. Once that is done, you can draw out the back part of the bike which is for the seat, and hover cover for    

Step 6.

Now you will sketch in the detailing lines that will be for the padding of the seat, and the back storage door. Draw in the rest of the bikes fiberglass hub and then move to the next step.

Step 7.

Okay now we can get into the mechanics of drawing out the back end of the bike which is the blinker lights, and some of the metal framing that holds the license plate, and tailpipe.

Step 8.

These are parts to the motorbike that you will drawing out. Unfortunately I'm not too sure what these parts are called but I'm going to try my best. To start, draw out the body work or fairing, and then draw in the rest of the mechanics of the bike w   

Step 9.

Here is where you will draw out the spoiler which is located on the bottom of the bike. When that is done you can move to the front of the bike and begin drawing out the front fork, and the front fender. Draw in the detailing to the bike, and then mo   

Step 10.

The back of the bike is home to things like the footrest, gear shift lever, exhaust pipe, main stand, kick stand, and even some of the bearings. Draw out all of these components like you see here, and move top step eleven which will bring you that mu   

Step 11.

Okay now draw out the back wheel or tire, and then draw in the chain which is connected to the gear shaft. When this is done you have to also draw out the lining for the rim.

Step 12.

Add all the detailing to the rim, and then sketch in the tire threads which is a few short dash lines. Draw in the bolt that holds the tire in place, and then move to step thirteen.

Step 13.

You are almost done with this tutorial on how to draw a motorbike and I know that it seems to be very long. But all you have to do here is draw out the front tire and then draw in the rim line.

Step 14.

Draw in the rim and front gear and braking system like so, and then draw the detailing for some of the rim. when you are done here just move to the next step which also happens to be your last.

Step 15.

Well guys you finally reached the last drawing step. As you can see all you need to do is first start erasing all the lines and shapes that you drew in step one, and then draw in the front tire threads and more of the rim detailing. When you are sure   

Step 16.

This is what your motorcycle looks like when you are finally finished with drawing this motorbike. I know the lesson was long, but for all you bike nuts out there, I'm sure it was worth the wait and effort. Thanks for joining me for this lesson on ho   

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I know you all watched and enjoyed the lesson that I submitted last week on a motorbike, and as you know it was a video tutorial which means this step by step lesson has been sitting in my tutorial folder for a week now. Today I will upload "how to draw a motorbike", step by step and it’s the same exact bike, just submitted in a different format. In the drawing video I said it was a Toyota bike, and I know that might have sounded a bit ridiculous because what I meant to say was Yamaha. I used a reference picture I found online and went from there. I have many tutorials on motorcycles and it’s mainly because I know how much these transportation devices are liked and sought after. Summer is the time when you see lots and lots of sport bikes racing through the streets, and even on the highways. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen just regular riders do tricks on their bikes just to show off their skills as they perform some pretty wild stunts. I always said that I would one day get a ride or own a motorbike, and it’s not because I want to be an avid rider, it’s because the rush from riding on one of these bikes is probably so intense, that the experience will be with you forever. Anyways, this is considered to be a complex lesson to follow, but I’m confident that you will do a great job learning "how to draw a motorbike", step by step. I will be back in bit so stay tuned in guys as I shall return with more drawing fun. Peace!