How to Draw a Dirt Bike

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Okay like always you are going to start off this first step by drawing out the guidelines of the dirt bike. lets start by drawing two horizontal lines for the top part of the bike. Then draw a long "T" shaped line in the front of the bike frame. Now    


In this step you will be drawing out the tires, front rod, the bottom half of the mechanism of the dirt bike, and the handle bars and top half of the dirt bike like the seat and such. When you draw the wheels in the front and back what you are doing    


Now you are ready to draw out the actual body of the dirt bike. Start at the front part of the bike and start sketching out all the little details and definition that goes with drawing a dirt bike. The best way to attack this step is to enlarge the i   


This step is very short and sweet. All you have to do is detail and define all the tubes, and pipes that are involved with the motor of a dirt bike. After you complete this step you can go ahead and add some last minute touch ups like sketching in mo   


This is what your finished dirt bike should look like. Now if you noticed I didn't color it in I just left it as a black and white. That means you can color it in all by yourself. Okay well that was fun huh.

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February 24, 2008

Description: Okay, lets see, this tutorial will show you "how to draw a dirt bike step by step". Dirt bikes have been around for many years dating as far back as 1924. These bikes where designed for off roading and racing. The first motocross race that ever to took place was a British off road event called Scrambles. When 1930 rolled around, the motocross sport which used dirt bikes became increasingly popular with Britain being first in place. The differences between a dirt bike or off road bikes are things like suspension, tires, size, speed, structure, and by the way they handle. These particular bikes where also designed to withstand most of mother natures elements like sand, mud, water, dirt, rocks, rain and other earthly grains. It wasn’t until 1952 the FIM created an individual European Championship using the 500cc engine displacement formula. It was later upgraded to World Championship in 1957, and then over more4 time became more advanced and upgraded to higher stature. In 1970 the Japanese motorcycle company “Suzuki” won the 250cc crown which their first world championship was ever won. As time passed dirt bikes and motocross racing started to gain popularity in the United States as well with the country’s first race was in 1972 at the Las Angeles Coliseum. Many years pasted before the stunt sport of freestyle was introduced all over the world. As with motocross, dirt bikes where used in this adrenalin filled sport as well. Freestyle unlike motocross does not include racing at all it is strictly stunts being made by dirt bike riders pulling off dare devil acts while being suspended in mid air. Stunts like the “back flip” or “superman” are risky and dangerous moves to attempt, in 2004 at the X-Games a fellow named Chuck Carothers performed a stunt called the Carolla, and pulled it off with ease. In 2006 X-Games, Travis Pastrana did a double back flip on his dirt bike, which won him the freestyle gold medal. This sport that involves dirt bikes will still be around when I’m like 100 years old. In this tutorial I show you how to draw your very own dirt bike step by step. Like always the instructions are easy to read and understand. Soon you will be on your way to drawing your very own freestyle or motocross machine. Also try How to draw a bike and how to draw a motorcycle.

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