How to Draw a Mace

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Start this first step with a small circle and then a straight long line and a crocked bottom. That is pretty much it for this step.


Now in this step you will be draw another straight line on the right side and then finish off the bottom with a rounded handle. after that you can start adding the spikes on the rounded top. So far this is a breeze right?


Well in this very last step you will add the rest of the pointed spikes to the mace as shown to you above. After you do that detail the handle at the top to created a sense of dimension. When drawing out the spikes make sure that you draw them well p   


This is what your finished mace should look like when you are done. What you can do now is color it in if you like or leave it as a sketch and just add some light shading. You have just completed this tutorial on how to draw a medieval mace step by s   

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September 6, 2008

Description: Okay everyone it is time for another weapons tutorial. This time I am going to take you back into the medieval ages when warriors and commoners used nothing more than swords, shields, helmets, and other defensive weaponry to protect themselves in their homes or in battle. Today I will be teaching you to draw a medieval mace. This is a very well known weapon from the dark ages. The mace is not to be confused with the other weapon that has a spiked ball. The one you are thinking of is the flail, which looks almost exactly like the mace except instead of being attached to a rod, it is held by a very durable chain. The flail is the weapon that Mel Gibson uses in the movie Braveheart. He actually uses both the mace and the flail. He uses the mace on a soldier in the village right after his wife was killed and then he used a flail on that backstabbing coward while he was asleep in his bed. The medieval mace has been around since the stoneage and worked its way into what we see and know today. If you look back in sketches and drawings of cavemen, they are almost also seen with a wooden like club in their hand swung over their shoulder. Well that club is the very primitive weapon that has been forged over time into a mace. Starting off as a rock then got more advanced into a spear which is a long staff with a pointed metal like tip. After man learned to forge with fire the spear tip turned into a notched end which enabled hunters to tear through the hind quarters of animals. After the notched end the club was made. The club had one purpose, to afflict a hard crippling blow to an animal or human. The mace strikes with a blunt force with the sharp spikes puncturing into the flesh and armor of man and animal alike. I have always been a fan of the medieval mace because it is such a simple and dangerous weapon. I will show you how to draw a mace, step by step. The instructions make this tutorial simple to draw and understand. I will be back soon with another drawing tutorial for you all to learn from and enjoy.

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