How to Draw a Hindu God, Hindu Goddess


Let's start with the essential guidelines that build the form of this figure. You'll want to start with the head first, since it will be one of the focal points. There's lots of lines to draw for the guides, but it is well worth the effort. Be sure t   


Next, let's sketch the shape of the face and the eyes. Notice how the eyes are similar to the "Eye of Ra", another symbolism of ultimate godly power. I tried embodying this character in many factors of symbolism. Try to draw the face within the guide   


Then, we'll complete the face by adding the brow definition and the eye in the middle as well as the Bindi dot. Keep your proportional distance within the eyes, nose, and mouth.


Taking a deep breath, we'll begin by sketching the outside form of the hair. Draw the outlines thicker than the detailing lines; this will vary the complexity, making the image more interesting.


Now, the headdress, which is my favorite part of this tutorial. I know this may seem overly complex, but please, bare with me. Start by drawing the outside of the headdress, then work your way to the patterned beads below. Take your time and work you   


Ok, we'll take things slow and start off with the left arm, which is less complicated than the right. Reference various pictures of old Hindi art of gods and notice how the limbs are soft and realistic. Try to keep your cool as you work on the arms a   


Finish off the rest of the arms which are in a praying position. Leave a space open at the bottom so we can easily sketch in the rosary beads.


Now, it's time to sketch the robe with the patterns dotted at the edges. Again, take your time and pinpoint where to draw each line correctly.


Next, slowly working from top to bottom, let's draw the bracelets and other ornaments that detail the wrists and neck. Notice how all the jewelry has the "All Seeing Eye" symbols on them. This conveys even more symbolism of power and control.


Lastly, finish off by drawing the wings. Start with one wing at a time so you won't lose yourself. Draw them in layers too, to lean on more accuracy.


With initial cleanup and further proportion checking you should end up with an accurate first draft of this. Get yourself a black marker or pen and ink out this baby into nice - thick desirable lines. I hope you've enjoyed this lesson. Thanks for vie   

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November 16, 2011

Description: Sketching down ideas once you quickly receive them is crucial. Last night, I was sketching random characters after watching the first season of “Out of Eygpt” which enlightened me on various cultures that were once major empires, most alien from other cultures which were undeveloped worldwide. All the major empires have fallen, gradually cycling into another series; the United States, United Kingdom, China, India, Russia, and others which were once at their prime, now fading. In this tutorial; I was so inspired to draw ancient god-like figures, integraded with major religions of today, to portray a factor of imperialism. As you can see in the artwork, it features lots of eye symbols. I've splashed a bit of the “All Seeing Eye”, which is familiar with Illuminati. I won't discuss Illuminati here since I find it would offend some of you viewers (search it up on Google to heighten your knowledge.) Anyways, I took a goddess similar of the Hindu religion, and combined it with Christianity symbols (rosary beads, floating triangular heart, angelic wings, and a robe/pose similar to the Virgin Mary.) These combined give a powerful and mind-bottling message. I'm not sure if you can spot it, but the figure aligns with the circles, creating the illusion of a triangle; the pendant in the middle is the “All Seeing Eye”. The bright colors conveys the message of being blinded or hypnotized by Illuminati. I used vein-like tattoos on the arms to show that this god-like figure is a puppeteer of all who are hypnotized by this entity and it's poisonous gifts. I chose a woman because in most cultures, women are mere objects; controlling those who fall into their webs. I won't say no more, mainly because I want you to interpet this drawing the way you feel. Art is a form of emotion, so what do you feel when you look at this image? Anyways, I'm glad you're viewing, thanks for doing so and keep posted on future tuts. Peace out and good luck!

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