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How to Draw a Goddess

Artist: gascogne / November 8, 2010
How to Draw a Goddess

Step 1.

So let's start with the tutorial :) First create a thumbnails/rough sketch. Sort of an idea of how you want them to look. (You could create several thumbs if you wanted as you play with ideas) It would also serve as basis for your drawing and your ha   

Step 2.

Now that you have established the general appearance of your goddess it's time to do the construction. This is a what your cleaned-up construction should look like

Step 3.

Let's start fleshing it out! It is important to be aware of where the joints are meeting for your goddess to look solid. Feel free to do the curves according to your liking (like what I did with the hip and the breast).

Step 4.

Next I draw a guide for the hair so I would know where they would flow. And as part of the fleshing out I also constructed where the legs would go as a guide for the next step.

Step 5.

Now, you could start doing the hair and the dress. I also added some fruits in her crown. Tip: The importance of doing the body before the dress is so you would know how the clothes will rest on the body. Strategic creases are so powerful in draw   

Step 6.

Finally, do the cape, the accessories and the rest of the details.

Step 7.

Erase the extra lines and you are done ^_^ Congrats! now you have your goddess all set for colors.

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Artist: gascogne
Date Added: November 8, 2010
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Tags: how to draw goddesses
Description: In drawing a goddess, be especially mindful of the theme. Like if she's a norse goddess she won't exactly be sporting a kimono like Amaterasu or if she is a goddess of war, she should have something that identifies her as one. This time I will be using Demeter or Ceres, the goddess of harvest. (If you wanted to use the hi-res version of the construction I could give it)