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How to Draw a Gryphon

Artist: Skytalon16 / November 15, 2012
How to Draw a Gryphon

Step 1.

Draw out the skeleton for the body with a series of circles and lines.

Step 2.

Now draw the facial features. I drew the beak first and then the feathers, but draw it whichever way feels comfortable to you.

Step 3.

Now the piercing eyes and fox-like ears.

Step 4.

Then the feathery chest.

Step 5.

Now we begin with the foreleg. I start with the feathery shoulder first...

Step 6.

...then with the rest of the leg. Draw the toes first before drawing the claws to make it easier.

Step 7.

Now the other foreleg in the same way.

Step 8.

The furry hind leg is next. Again, draw the toes first and then the claws.

Step 9.

Now the other hind leg, which is partially hidden by the foreleg.

Step 10.

Here we begin the wing. It seems very daunting, but draw it one segment at a time. First, lets draw the feathers closest to the top.

Step 11.

Now the middle portion. These have slightly longer feathers.

Step 12.

Now for the longest ones: the flight feathers.

Step 13.

Now with the other wing, drawing it in the same way: the top feathers first, the middle ones, second and the long, flight feathers last.

Step 14.

We're almost done! Now let's draw the big bushy fox tail.

Step 15.

Now for the necklace and pendant. Unless you want to go 100% by the picture, you can skip this step and go straight to the details.

Step 16.

Now for the details (minus the necklace detail if you skipped step 15).

Step 17.

Carefully erase the construction lines and add any extra details as you please. And you're done!

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Artist: Skytalon16
Date Added: November 15, 2012
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Description: My first tutorial! I'm sorry this took a so long booboo032. Here I will show you how to draw my version of a Gryphon. Have fun!