How to Draw a Grenade

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Okay in this first drawing step you will start by drawing out the cup shaped body of the grenade as shown. Once you have that done you can then draw all the vertical lines that cover the shell, there is a total of three vertical lines. Next you will    


Okay you will now start using the guidelines you drew on the shell to make the pineapple shaped blocks that go all around the grenade. Make sure that when you are drawing these squared blocks out, the top is drawn on a rounded angle. After that you w   


You will now start detailing the square blocks to make them look three dimensional. All you will do is draw out the lines in a block format like you would when you draw block letters. After you are done with this step yo0u can then move onto the next   


This is your last drawing step. What you will first do is carefully erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew back in step one. After you have done that you can then draw a double circle for the shape of the pin that is embedded in the hand g   


When you are done your grenade should come out looking like the one you see here. All you have to do now is color it in and that is it. I hope you liked this drawing tutorial on how to draw a MK2 hand grenade step by step. I will be back with another   

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September 24, 2008

Description: Well I decided to do something for all the boys that come to This tutorial is going to be on an explosive weapon that is used in the military and by some militia as well. Today you will be learning how to draw an MK2 hand grenade. Now hand grenades are small hand held explosive devices that are thrown at the enemy or object. There is usually a pin that is pulled out when the trigger is still clasped in the hand. Once thrown, the grenade will explode usually on impact. There are several types of grenades made by several different countries. Take the F1 hand grenade, these devices where made from the Soviet Union and was often referred to as the lemon grenade because of its similar shape of a lemon. This particular piece of equipment holds sixty grams of TNT. The F1 started its circulation during WW2 and since then has constructed a new design. Other types of hand grenades are the; M67 Fragmentation, M18 colored smoke, M34 WP Smoke, AN-M8 HC Smoke, AN-M14 TH3 Incendiary, and the ABC-M25A2 CS riot control. The hand grenade that you will be learning how to draw today is what they used during WWII and the Vietnam War, the MK2 grenade. This model was used by the United States. The model is no longer in use instead they replaced it with the M67 and the M61 both are fragmentation grenades. The MK2 was called the pineapple grenade by soldiers during the war because of its distinct grooved body pattern that looks much like a pineapple. The grooves were engraved onto the cast iron shell so that gripping and holding the unit would be stable. These hand held bombs usually weight roughly around one and a half pounds and it was filled with 2 oz of TNT, or EC blank fire powder. My little brother (who is 9) loves this type of stuff so I know that he will be the first one on here to learn how to draw it. This tutorial will show you how to draw an MK2 hand grenade step by step. I hope you like this drawing tutorial it really isn’t that hard to tackle. I will be back with more in a bit. So stay sane and keep drawing there is always something new coming your way.

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