How to Draw a Gargoyle

Artist: Dawn / October 29, 2008

Step 1.

Okay what you are going to do first is prepare your work station for this awesome tutorial. Once you are situated you will start by drawing out the circle shape for the gargoyles head and then the bottom shape for the jaw and or chin. You will then a   

Step 2.

Now as you can see your gargoyle will start taking form even though you are on the second step. What you will do now is sketch out the shaping of the wings as seen, and then start adding the facial features like eyebrow shape, nose, and mouth. Once y   

Step 3.

So what do you think so far? Not too bad right? Okay now that you have the concept of his body frame almost drawn out, you can start adding a bit of beginning detail. First draw out the shape of the ears and then make the shapes for his devilish eyes   

Step 4.

Well you have finally reached step four and now you are only one step away from completion. Feels good right? I know just keep up the good work. Since the body of the gargoyle is basically drawn out you will start defining the inside of the wings as    

Step 5.

Yahoo! you are almost at the finish line. Are you sooped? You will finish off the detailing and definition of the wing structure and then begin drawing out the lining for the building that he is sitting on. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that yo   

Step 6.

Well here he is all drawn out and done. All you have to do now is color him in. I added some red glowing eyes and I also made the red eyes glow onto his body. That was for the halloween effect. Well you have just completed this tutorial on how to dra   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 29, 2008
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Description: Welcome back fellow artist and visitors to another great tutorial on I have had such a long day yesterday because I was trying to figure out what to do next for a tutorial. Then it hit me, a gargoyle. I thought that it would be pretty sweet to do a tutorial on how to draw a gargoyle step by step. I fist became infatuated with gargoyles when I was like nine years old back when the Disney movie “The Hunchback of Norte Dam” took popularity. The cartoon looking stone figures were not only funny, but they were neat looking as well. Soon after that movie I started watching the animated series “Gargoyles” which aired every Saturday morning on Toon Disney back in 1998. In fact I think that they may still air the series in reruns, but I could be wrong about that. One of my favorite characters from Gargoyles was Goliath. He was the main character and leader of the rest of the gargoyles on the “good side”. Anyways the typical gargoyle is a stone figure that sits on top of skyscrapers, cathedrals and any other massive stone pieces of architecture. The purpose of a gargoyle or the reason behind their creation, was to drain water from the roof and away from the side of a building using a spout like opening coming from the statue’s mouth, hands and even sometimes the eyes. Some of the most famous buildings in existence that have age old gargoyle statues are in countries like Paris and Scotland, mainly any area in Europe. Back in the nineteenth century, the chimera was chosen to be placed and used as gargoyles on different types of building throughout New York like the Chrysler Building. If you go the Washington National Cathedral in Washington DC, there is a collection of modern types of gargoyles. The cathedral was built in 1908 and the very first gargoyle was the limestone demons. I have sketched out an image of a gargoyle that looks demonic and traditional at the same time. I used a gargoyle reference from a picture and made it my own. This tutorial will show you how to draw a gargoyle step by step. Like always the instructions are easy to read and the steps are simple to follow. I will be back with some more frighting drawing lessons for you all in a bit to celebrate the upcoming Halloween day. So stay tuned my ghoulish friends, there is more to come.