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How to Draw a Frightening Skull

Artist: Acosmode / February 18, 2013
How to Draw a Frightening Skull

Step 1.

First, sketch two round shapes similar to circles. These will be the eye sockets of skull. Make sure these "circles" have rugged edges, and note that the bottom of the shapes have diagonal lines. Refrain from making these eye sockets too large to kee   

Step 2.

Now, draw an oblong shape for the "nose," or nasal bone. The bottom part of the nose should be slightly larger than the upper portion. Remember, jagged edges! Afterwards, sketch an arch over the eye sockets to form the head of the skull. Refrain from   

Step 3.

Develop the cheek bones that jut out from below the eye sockets. Curve them in to form the beginnings of some teeth. After that, curve the jaw down from the cheek bones to complete the skull's basic shape.

Step 4.

Next, draw the teeth. They are basically rectangular shapes with some deviation from rectangles. Make sure not all the teeth have the same height. Vary them! For some added skully effect, create some cracks in the teeth, and make them crooked! You ca   

Step 5.

Complete the lower teeth; use the instructions of Step 4 for reference. Additionally, frame the eye sockets with lines, or "wrinkles" of the bone.

Step 6.

These are the DETAILS. Go ahead and add various lines to the skull, like cracks in the forehead, or "frontal bone" and stress lines on the jaw. Add the details as needed. :)

Step 7.

Optional: add a snake for a frightening or cryptic effect! There will be no instructions for this step; this is merely a suggestion for your drawing.

Step 8.

Voila! The final result! Shading is optional, of course. If you choose to shade, you can use my image here as a reference(by the way, I shaded with ballpoint pen). However, if you choose not to shade, that is fine. Relish in the glory of your artsy e   

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Artist: Acosmode
Date Added: February 18, 2013
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Description: In this tutorial, you shall be instructed on how to draw a realistic skull. Follow the instructions carefully, and you'll create a skully sketch! FYI: References were used.