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How to Draw Anne Frank

Artist: Acosmode / February 21, 2013
How to Draw Anne Frank

Step 1.

Sketch the above shapes to form the brows of Anne Frank. Note that the eyebrow on the right is slightly thicker than the one on the left. Also, pay close attention to the angle at which the brows curve at. Obviously, the right brow is at a lower angl   

Step 2.

Next, draw the eyes below the brows. Notice that the eyes are about as long across as the brows and have eye lids visible above them. Sketch slight bags beneath the eyes as well. Attempt to darken the upper lid of the eyes to accentuate them, and aft   

Step 3.

Next,sketch the "nasolabial folds," or curved lines beneath the nose to indicate a slight smile. From that point, sketch the outline of the head. Note the edges and lines of the face, as well as the indication of hair at the top of the head. Make sur   

Step 4.

Now, sketch the actual mouth. Note that the mouth is like a slightly curved, upside-down triangle. Avoid making the mouth too unnaturally large or petite. Sketch the ear, and note the shape. The ear may seem odd at this stage, yet keep developing you   

Step 5.

The ear's going to look even more odd now! Sketch the portrayed circles within the actual ear to indicate ear lobes. Develop the hair! Attempt to copy the hair exactly, as I think this particular attribute is what determines a person's individuality.   

Step 6.

Voila! Shading is optional. If you do wish to shade, bear in mind to have a range of values to promote viewers' interest in your drawing. Notice that the hair, brows, and pupils are darkest in the image. The odd circles of the ears have been shaded,    

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Artist: Acosmode
Date Added: February 21, 2013
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Description: Ever wondered how to draw this Jewish hero that endured 2 years locked in a minuscule attic? Well, now's your opportunity! Follow the instructions carefully, and enjoy!