How to draw a clenched hand

Artist: LWchickens / December 29, 2012

Step 1.

Lightly, draw a sort of box shape with a curved line at the top.

Step 2.

Next draw a straight line across the shape, just above the middle. Then draw a curved line from the top left to the middle right. Draw a dot on the top middle of the shape and draw the lines which will be the gap in between your two middle fingers.

Step 3.

Then draw the basic outline for the thumb.

Step 4.

Draw the rest of the gaps for the fingers and draw a curved line under them.

Step 5.

Then draw the lines that make your palm look more 3D and add the thumb nail.

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Artist: LWchickens
Date Added: December 29, 2012
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Description: Drawing clenched hands can be quite hard, not anymore! I've found a way to draw them with no difficulty! :)