How to Draw a Christmas Bell

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The first thing we will do is draw the shape of an ornament like so. The little circle at the top of the shape is the guide for your bow.


You will now draw the entire bow. The loops are droopy, and the bow tails are relaxed.


From under the bow tails you will begin the drawing process for making the bell shape. Once this is done draw the trim at the base of the bell, then draw the ball that bangs on the inside of the bell which enables it to make all that noise.


Let's be creative and draw all of the holly that is spurting from behind the bell. The holly should also be placed below the bell as as well as at the top. Add detailing to the holly, then proceed to step five.


Detail the the bow like so, then begin erasing the mistakes.


Here is the finished drawing when you are all done. Let's color in the drawing so we can add this to our Christmas art collection.

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December 10, 2012

Description: I have yet again another bell to add to the collection for the Christmas season. Up next we will learn "how to draw a Christmas bell", step by step. I wanted to draw a more simple style bell that had a better coloring job done to the finished drawing. The shinny new bell is decorated with some holly, and a big red bow. I really don't know why folks associate these types of bells with Christmas for, but I guess there is a good reason. I do know that jingle bells are popular because that is what is the reindeer straps of Santa's sleigh is lined with. The jingle bells is what we all listen for on Christmas eve. Some may hear these bells and then again some may not. No matter what type of bell you want to draw there is one thing that's certain, drawing Christmas bells is going to put some cheer in your day when you're done. I will be back, but who knows what I'll be back with. Adios people and happy holidays.

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