How to Draw Chibi Andy Biersack, Andy Six, Black Veil Brides

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Let's start with the basic form of guidelines. Now you might think, "I don't need guidelines in order to do this" but in all it comes down to is starting off with a skeleton to help build the real body, especially if you're a novice artist. We draw t   


Then, we will shift our attention to working on the huge and complex hairstyle of Andy's. From the start of his band, he's been changing physically and mentally. During his live shows, he often calls out haters, emphasizing them in particular (I gues   


Next, we'll start working out the details of his half hidden face and mouth. Andy Biersack likes to prep his face with intensive makeup (similar to Manson or KISS), but this brutha tends to go ape-shiz with it. Maybe he's trying to prove a point? I'm   


Moving on, time to work on his torso, which is in the most simplest form EVER. Work from one side of the body to the next, this makes things much easier than anticipated. The hands are gently resting at the sides of his body, emphasizing his laid bac   


Finish the details integrated with the clothing. He wears like two belts overlapping each other, which are flavored with shinny studs.


Lastly, sketch in his legs, starting from the left to right, depending on which hand you draw with. Right handed people tend to work from left to right, vice versa for left handed people.


With further attention to detailing and cleanup, you should have something very similar to this. Make sure you ink your drawing out for the full effect of 'finished'. I like to make my lines very thick on the outside and thin in the inside. It's good   

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November 3, 2011

Description: Ok guys, there's this popular singer that's been lurking around the media nowadays. He's been a big influence on the emo/goth stereotype in the form of music. He's vividly detailed with lots of black in his wardrobe as well as makeup. In this new lesson, we will be learning “how to draw chibi Andy Six from Black Veil Brides, step by step”. Lots of DragoArt members have been requesting this tutorial countless times and because of that, I've decided to fulfill the request by the majority. Whenever I get requests, I decide to do it based on the minority and majority. If there's a lot of people requesting the same thing, I will do that most importantly; who knows, maybe I'll do it quicker than you could expect. Anyways, I have a regular tut on “how to draw Andy Sixx, Andy Biersack” here on the site, click the link and you'll be forwarded to the lesson here. I hope this tutorial on the chibi version of Andy will be much easier to accomplish than all the complex detailed stuff thats on Drago. Remember, if you have a request, or even a live drawing stream request, let me know through my personal email or by using the 'Requests' form. Either way, it will take time for your tutorial to be made true! I thank you all so much for viewing so keep posted on new tuts!

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